The first thing I should probably do is introduce myself.

My name is Kayce Pearson, and I am a mother of one, a gorgeous 19 month old daughter, and married to the greatest husband of almost 3 years.

I had always been interested in birth, but not in the way I am now. I thought I knew everything about it, and then I had to have an emergency c-section with my daughter and realized I didn’t know anything. Not the procedures they used, or what they could have done, or even what I could have said or done to help in the process.

I was horribly bitter about my experience. I wanted to have my daughter naturally, like most of the people I know. I knew I could handle the pain, and I was excited to do it myself. I felt that the doctor’s took that choice away from me when I signed papers about “informed consent”.

Only a year and a few months later did I learn about the other tests they could have done, and things I shouldn’t have agreed to.

I was still very bitter, until I read the book “Birthing From Within”. It talked about a ‘Cesarean Birth’ instead of a Cesarean Section. I didn’t realize that I was so upset about my birth until I began to understand that I could take my birth experience and take the negative out and make it positive.

Just a few months before this, my husband was joking with me about becoming a midwife so he didn’t have to work. I had never thought about it until a few weeks after when I was joking with my best friend about him saying that. And then it just clicked.

When I was in college, I changed my major 4 times and I was never happy with it. I would take intro class after intro class trying to find something I could be completely passionate about. A year and a bit after I quit school I found my niche.

My best friend talked me into starting a doula program so I could become a registered doula until I could go to midwifery college and begin my true career.

All of the doula programs I looked into made you be a RN before you could take their program, which seemed pretty much pointless. My friend pointed me into the direction of “Birthing From Within.”

With both of her children, she had the birthing classes from this system and she absolutely loved it. When she was pregnant with her first I thought she was crazy to have a water birth and this strange class, but that all stems from the fact I thought I knew everything and your baby would surely die if you gave birth in water ha ha.

I looked into their program and it just seemed to fit what I wanted to do. I signed up for their workshop and have started to read the required reading. I am only required to read probaby 6 books, but being the overachiever I am, I am reading every book I can get my hands on about birth.

The best ones are the ones written by natural birth advocates and midwives, not ob/gyns and rns.

All the while of reading this, I have learned so much about not only the process of birth, but how believing in yourself and your body will help you get the outcome you want. I have learned that it might have been my fear of the unknown that aided in my needed a c-section.

I want to help women to learn to trust in their own bodies to get the outcome from birth that they are comfortable with. Whether their idea of birth is to have an epidural and pitocin, or whether they want a natural home water birth with a midwife, I want to be able to help women achieve this.

So, this is my journey to becoming a birth doula and all that I learn from it.


4 Responses

  1. I am so excited that you are doing this. I have started looking into it a bit too. I can’t wait to be able to have a birth that will empower me instead of making me wonder about my womanhood. Does that make since?

  2. Oh ya. That’s exactly how I feel.

  3. Hi,You will find your blog in the self help section on the MMB. I was unsure where to put you. If you would like to be elsewhere, let me know.Thanks and welcome!~motherboard, mmb

  4. I’m sorry your birth experience was not all that you wanted it to be but I love your story & it’s awesome that it’s shaped you into who you are today and the journey you took in becoming a birth doula!

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