Pregnancy and Labor on TV

I think one of the main reasons pregnancy, labor, and delivery have taken such a ‘hospital’ turn is because of celebrities and TV shows.

I don’t really think about it much, but tonight I was watching Friends, and the episode was when Rachel goes into labor.

The minute it came on, I just saw it how certain pregnant women would see it.

From the second she goes into labor, it is a look of complete pain on her face. She never once works through the contractions. They are talking and happy, then the next minute she grabs her belly, says “Here comes another one” and she fights it the entire time, and then it passes.

She isn’t hooked to any monitors, she is lying on a bed, and all she can think is how long her labor is taking and how many more women have had their babies before her.

17 hours later… she is only dilated to a 3. There is no way the hospital would have even let her stay if she was admitted at a 2, and there is no way they would let her labor for 17 and not even be in active labor yet (4 for first baby, 6 for subsequent). All the while, she is crying in complete pain during every contraction.

48 hours later, she delivers a breech baby with no epidural. A hospital would not let a woman deliver a breech baby (all are now mandatory cesarean), let alone labor for 48 hours.

It brings up every other show I have seen where a woman goes into labor. Everytime, her water breaks, and she instantly is siezed by a giant pain she can’t work through.


I wish just once they would show a labor where a woman was happy and worked with her labor and showed that it isn’t just a big ball of pain and there is no escape.

But that isn’t very dramatic…


2 Responses

  1. Before I had my babies, I went through the Bradley method class and was ready. However, both times when my water broke the pain was more excruciating that I could’ve handled that it was bliss once I had an epidural.The people that were there with me and kept coaching me to work through the contractions received backlashing from me. In those moments the pain was far worse than anything I can ever explain, as writhing and screaming were all I could do and what naturally came. I hate when people that are able to do it naturally assume that I have no self control and didn’t just “allow” the contractions to do the work. I dont think that it’s the same level of pain for everyone, some people feel like jumping out a window – some people can simply breathe through the pains and let it work. Had I not been able to have an epidural, I would’nt have had any more kids. Yes – it was that awful of pain – dont be so naive to think that all women can do things the same way you can.

  2. I’m not saying every woman is the same. I am saying that women are following trends too much. I wasn’t able to have a labor, if you had read earlier posts.And, this is my blog and how I see things through the books and training I am having, so if you don’t like it, don’t read it.And this post is just about TV. Have you ever seen a happy labor on TV? All I have seen is the more pain and fear than should happen.My good friend had a very hard labor and had to have an emergency c-section. Pain is perceived by different people differently. I am going into a profession of natural childbirth, and also helping women have the labor they want. Whether an epidural or not. They are there for a reason. I just wish that once TV would show a lady actually enjoying her labor.

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