In My Ward

One of the women in my ward at church is due in July. She has one of the cutest pregnant bellies I have ever seen.

Last Sunday, I was trying to keep Glade in line, and I overheard her talking to one of the women who had just recently had her baby, and being the birth nut I am, I stayed to evesdrop.

This lady was telling an 8 month pregnant woman that “labor is excruciating. It was only 12 hours, but it felt like days. I thought it would pass, but I hurt so bad and it was absolutely terrible. I am so glad I got the epidural as soon as I could. I don’t see how women can labor without one.”

I was baffled! If I was pregnant, I would have been absolutely terrified!!!

After Relief Societ, I was waiting for Blake to get out of Elder’s Quorum, and the pregnant woman asked one other new mom, and I had to listen to see if it would be just as negative.

She started out with, “My mom always had really short labors, so I was SURE I would too.” What the hey?! She went on to say that “since it took longer that I thought, I wasn’t able to cope and had a cesarean.”

Glade ran off and I had to chase her, so again I didn’t get the pregnant woman’s reaction.

But mine was one of horror. How can you tell someone about to havea baby that it is so horribly painful and you couldn’t cope? How does that give any hope?

The two women looked so…. blase about their whole experience. How can you not really care what happens in your labor? And how can you be so horribly honest about it to someone that is having a baby in 2 months?

It just amazes me that in this country we are truly blase about our labors. Isn’t it something you are supposed to choose? How did we get to be such a lazy and passive society of women? When did we start to not care aobut how we bring OUR OWN CHILDREN into the world? Why did we start scaring other mothers by telling our horrible birth stories in such an “I don’t care’ manner?

Can it be rectified? If so, how??


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  1. That is crazy that people would say those kinds of things to a pregnant woman. I can certainly understand the importance of honesty and it’s good to make sure you realize what you are in for before-hand, but sheesh!

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