Birth Story #10

This week’s story is a bit different. It is a newspaper article from probably a LONG time ago.

Back when men weren’t allowed in the labor or delivery rooms.

I am amazed the difference that has been made so that fathers are not only asked, but encouraged to be present. Just 30 years ago this was completely different.

Delivery Room “Invader” Fined
A Jew Jersey father who gained aunauthorized admission to a hospital’s delivery room in an attempt to witness the birth of his second child was told by a Union, N.J., County Court judge that the incident will cost the father a substantial fine.
Judge Ervin S. Fulop upheld a conviction and fine by Plainfield Municipal Court Magistrate Warren J. Lynch against John O. Keim, 33, on charges that he acted in a disorderly manner when he refused to leave his wife’s side in the delivery room at Plainfield’s Muhlenberg Hospital. In appealing, Keim contended that he had caused no trouble and that he did not know three men, summoned to the delivery room to ask him to leave, were policemen.
A hospital nurse had told the Municipal Court that she notified Keim that layman fathers were not permitted into the delivery room under hospital regulations, but only into the labor room. Mrs. Iris Keim was moved quickly to the delivery room after her arrival at the hospital. The nurse said that Keim’s insistence on going into the delivery room led her to give him surgical garb while permission was asked for him to be admitted.
When the request was denied and Keim entered anyway, just moments after his daughter had been born, the nurse phoned the police. Three policemen wearing surgical clothing went in the delivery room, but Keim reportedly still would not leave. He told the court than an earlier pregnancy of his wife endd in a miscarriage, that his wife had German measles during the recent pregnancy, and that she was two weeks late in delivery his child.

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