Birthing Centers

My best friend, for her first child, had him at a birthing center. This was back when I thought she was ABSOLUTELY nuts for doing everything she did in her labor. Now I eat my words haha.

A Birth Center is run by a team of highly qualified professionals from nursing, midwifery, obstetrics, family medicine, pediatrics, nutrition, social work, physical fitness, childbirth, and parenting education.

It is a homelike setting, but it can still handle emergencies (just not cesarean sections).

You are given a private room to make yourself comfortable, wear your own clothing, eat when you’re hungry (unlike the hospital), soak in a tub, have a water birth, and other things you can do at home, but in a more “secure” setting if you feel home is too unsafe. They welcome friends, kids, parents, anyone who you want to come, so you can have who YOU want at YOUR birth.

They provide a compelete network of services including :
– First rate prenatal care
– Diagnostic testing education consultation
– Specialists’ attentive care during labor AND birth
– First rate transportation to a hospital if the need arises

They are covered by most insurances just as a hospital is.

If you are more set on having a midwife, but don’t want the hassle of having a baby at home or a hospital, the birth center is a great option for you. You are still covered by a midwife, but they have a bigger range of people there to help if something happens.

Your care if provided by any qualified provider who practices a wellness and holistic approach to pregnancy, birth, and women’s health care. They take the time to listen to women. They believe childbirth is normal and you should create the birth experience that will be meaningful to YOU and no one else.

After you give birth, you are home 12-24 hours. My best friend was home in about 6 hours.

The cost is about 1/3 less than a hospital since it doesn’t have the interventions, but you do have nursing staff and such so it isn’t as cheap as a home birth.

While I was researching this, I came across a few testimonials for birthing centers that I thought I wanted to share. Below are the few great ones I felt emphasized my point perfectly.

“Thank you guys so much for everything! When we first came to the birthcenter, we were treated like family and that continued throughout the whole pregnancy and after. We had such a quick and smooth delivery and everything was so relaxing. We will definitely come back and recommend this to all our friends! Thanks again!”

“The birth center and midwives enabled us to have the personal, non-interventional, natural birth and prenatal experience that we chose for ourselves and our baby. It was wonderful!”

“The service you provide is exceptional! You are truly a blessing to women giving birth through your knowledge and the love & care you extend to us. Thank you, Thank you!!”

“I want to thank you for taking such good care of me during my labor and afterwards. I would also like to thank you for helping me bring such a wonderful baby into this world. My experience at your birth center was amazing. I am so glad that I made the decision I made. It was so kind of you to take me in just a few weeks before my due date…..Thank you to the women who helped me through the best experience of my life…”


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