Birth Story #11

I really liked the article type thing, and this time it is kind of a post/comment thing I found while researching.

She had a medically necessary cesarean section with her first baby. And the reasons for this are completely justified. I so agree with this one.

Her second, everything went fine, but the heart rate dropped a little, and she had another cesarean. Not exactly necessary, but I could see why she did it.

Her third, she scheduled. She didn’t even get the option of a VBAC with this one.

I am not really sure what to think of her birth. Any insight you guys may have, please let me know.


One Response

  1. The article explains how she felt throughout the process and I can understand why she would feel the way she did. I don’t know that a scheduled cesarean would be something I would be comfortable with though. But I did appreciate her take on how the result should be more important than the experience. It was an interesting point of view.

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