Twilight Sleep

The outfit of a woman during Twilight Sleep

Scopolamine and Morphine. Whoever thought this combination would be conducive to labor was a giant retard, if you don’t mind me saying.

It was developed in Freiburg, Germany by Dr. Carl Gauss in the early 1900s. It is called the Freiburg Method by some.

During sufferage, the women thought that since they now had rights, they shouldn’t have to feel the pain of labor. So, this time, it wasn’t the doctors that pushed this on women. They wanted it themselves, much like epidurals now.

The combination of the medications eliminates your memory of the birth. You lose all self-awareness and self-control and have no idea what is going on. You enter into a semi-narcotic state.

Women were restrained with lambs wool so it didn’t leave marks and leave the husbands wondering what happened to their wives, and they were blindfolded and placed in stirrups or strapped to hospital beds for hours or days, even in their own poop and pee.

Since a woman would wake up with no memory of the event, they coined this time the “twilight sleep” era.

This lasted from the 1920’s until the late 1940’s, when other methods were invented for childbirth pain relief and such.

They describe the procedure on The Business of Being Born. Just watching how they used to treat laboring women just makes me sick.

In a way we are better at how we treat women, but sometimes, especially if you have a scare tactic doctor or nurse, it is kind of the same.


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  1. That absolutely disgusts me. I can’t believe anyone would let that happen.

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