Pregnant Bellies!!!

I have always been fascinated with pregnant bellies. Even when I was a kid. They were just so amazing to me! (Crazy I didn’t find my calling in birth till last year….)
I always wanted a cute belly, and I never showed very much, and I forgot to take pictures of my belly, but luckily one of my friends took pictures of hers so I can show her off haha.
Sooooooo, I decided to put together a little montage of cute and interesting baby bellies!! Yay babies!!!
Enjoy the show!!
Brenda and Rebecka

Brenda and Rebecka (It was so cute when Brenda finally popped out this little belly right before Rebecka came out)

Ooh, scandalous

Brenda’s Sister Kristina with her 2nd child, a little boy

Kristina with her oldest and her belly

The three sisters

It is just so vibrant!

How cute is this?!

I love the belly comparing pictures

I love the flowers and the bellies.

Christina Aguilera actually had a pretty cute belly, airbrushed or not

And the crux of all bellies… can you believe there are 8 in there?!?!


2 Responses

  1. Ohh, Nadya’s stretching hurts me!

  2. Brenda’s is the cutest. I love how she is actually looking at her baby belly and smiling.

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