The Reason?!?

I always cruise blogs at work, and I am always on my support group site, and I am always looking for information, whether good or bad.

Today at work I was messing around on my support group, and I had recently joined a group for pregnancy. (No, I’m not pregnant). In this group, there were two discussions that caught my eye.

The first was titled “due date”. I decide to open it.

This woman was due last Monday, barely 4 days ago. She decided at her 40 week appointment that if the baby didn’t come by Friday (tomorrow), she was scheduling her cesarean. She has no reason to, she just heard that pitocin makes contractions harder, so a cesarean would just be easier.

Say what now?!? A cesarean is easier?!!! I was pretty peaved after I read this, I’m not gonna lie. I didn’t comment on it, because it wouldn’t have been helpful, and I would have just looked like one of those natural birth nazis.

So, I go back to the forum, and see another one, titled “epidural”. I couldn’t resist opening it…

The woman is 18 weeks, and she excitedly announced that she ‘preordered’ her epidural for her labor. Preordered like it was a pair of freaking shoes! She heard that labor hurt way too much, and this way she can be awake and happy for her pictures. Hasn’t researched a thing. Not a thing. She even put in there that she might decide to do a water birth with the epidural. So, I had to comment on this one. You CANNOT have a water birth once you have an epidural and an IV. You are NOT allowed. It’s dangerous.

So, this 10 minute thing at work totally ruined my day. These two women are like the giant majority of women in our country. They don’t research, they don’t read, they just do things because that’s how it’s done.

It just baffles me.


3 Responses

  1. oh wow. She preorded her epidural???! WHAT?! If people would give natural childbirth a chance maybe they would see how amazing and wonderful it is and how you really do forget the pain. And pain is only temporary!!!Sorry this ruined your day 🙂

  2. Yup, this stuff is way too prevalent. That's why I stay off of those horrible mainstream forums. They are doggone depressing.

  3. That's just plain scary. Do women have common sense anymore? I am seriously starting to wonder.

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