"Just Relax"

I was cruising and found this post.

It is an L&D nurse, and witnessed this incidence of ‘birth rape’. I don’t see why people don’t just come up to a woman, ask, “We would like to do a cervical check, is that okay?”, and if it isn’t, sit with the woman to make her feel comfortable. You don’t have to force yourself on her. Especially if she is not pregnant because she chose to have sex.

You never know someone’s background. Is it truly that hard just to ask?

This is from Reality Rounds blog, and she has some really great stuff on there, so after you cry over this, go take a look.

A young pregnant woman is lying in a hospital bed. She is draped in a hospital gown, naked underneath. She is flat on her back, staring at the ceiling. Her heart is racing. Body tense. She is anxious, and loud, and uncooperative.

“Just relax. We need to check your cervix to see how far along you are. Miss, please calm down. You need to open your legs so we can examine you. RELAX! This will not hurt. It will only take a second. Please, just RELAX! If you think this is painful wait until you start pushing. Calm down.”

Nurses’ Station: Idle chatter by doctors, residents, nurses, med students, secretaries, etc. “Can you believe that lady?” “You would think she was a virgin.” “How did she get pregnant in the first place?” “Yeah, like my finger is the only thing that’s ever been inside her! ha ha ha!.” “What until she starts crowning. We will have to put her in leather restraints!”
Chatter ends in the diet coke, coffee strewn nurses station. The staff go about their lives. Admitting the next patient, planning for the weekend, moving forward.

Hospital Room: A young pregnant woman is lying curled up on her side. She is scared, and quiet, and submissive. She is now the child told to be quiet, told not to tell. She is the young woman in the dorm room, who said no. She is the woman left to die in the alley. She is the cut woman bleeding on the dirt floor of her hut. She is moving backwards.

Just Relax


3 Responses

  1. a good cry in the morning…thanks for posting

  2. Kayce,Thanks for including my post. Just for the sake of full disclosure, I am actually a NICU nurse. But, NICU nurses are intimately involved in Labor and Deivery.I have a question for you. Do you see many nurses using Doulas? I didn't use one for my first birth, and regretted it. I was sort of talked out of it by my peers. "You are a nurse. You work in OB. Why would you need a Doula?" That kinda stuff. FYI: ended up with a C-section.

  3. So sad. Good post.

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