My First Award Show

I got this back in April, and I have been such a slacker at passing it on, so here goes! My top seven blogs that I am giving my awesome award to!

1. My Journey toward Baby #2: She is staying anonymous, but it is all about her ups and downs, fears and hopes, and struggles of trying to have a second baby. I love this blog!

2. Momma Molly: This blog is all about her life and tooo many cool things to tell you about. I love her posts on natural birth, they are great!

3. Mama Notes: She writes about everything under the sun. She is doing mom interviews lately, and it is great to learn about all the other people that follow her blog.

4. Birthing at Home: She is a birth geek, like me, and is just over halfway pregnant and writing about everything to do with her pregnancy and everything about birth!

5. The Wonder of Birth: She has 3 kids, two of them twins, and had them both by cesarean. Her blog is to educate women, and she has also become a labor doula to help them. She is absolutely great!

6. Baby Making Machine: She isn’t trying, she’s not pregnant, and no kids, and she is educating herself on the way to becoming a mother. Her ideas are amazing, and she loves advice and followers!

7. Last and certainly not least, Midwifery Ramblings: She is a midwife that will actually be moving down to my area here in the next few months! Her blog is super great, and she shares a lot of the same views as me on different techniques in pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period. Definitely check her out!

Well, that concludes my awards! Hope you guys enjoy!!!


5 Responses

  1. Thank you so much!!! That is so sweet!! :)Love,Diana

  2. So flattered to be on your list! I totally stalk your blog! It really motivates me to learn more,

  3. Awww, thanks! I will actually be there in just over a week. 🙂 I'm looking forward to getting settled in, as I just found out that I'm pregnant with #4. lol

  4. Thank you SO much for this awesome award!! You rock girl!! I do like followers, lol. But I love awesome readers like you who give great advice more! 🙂

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