My First Vent Post

At work, as you all probably know, I cruise blogs looking for new insights, material, and great stores. Well, today, I found some great stuff….

She is an OB and she had a post on home birth midwives. I hadn’t seen it before when I was reading her blog, and I totally wish I had. It made me rethink liking her stuff.

So, here goes!

MIDWIVES: Midwives are not dumb hippies that aren’t trained. In the 26 states where they are allowed to get licensed, they are trained for at least 4 years, do an apprenticeship during their training, go to school, and learn how to take care of low risk women. They aren’t quacks! And the ones in the states that aren’t allowed to be there do not have any way of showing their qualifications, if they even have any. You cannot judge all midwives because someone had a home birth with a lay midwife that was not allowed to be there by state law. No one judges OB/GYNs when they lose a mother or baby. But fear not, when a home birth mother or baby is transfered or lost, it is all over the news. It is such crap! But one of the greatest midwives in the world has lower rates of everything than all doctors. Now, she is definitely a quack….

BIRTHING CENTERS: One blog I read said these should just be ‘hospital waiting rooms with beds’. This is bull pucky!! Birthing centers are places women can go which is a little more secure than home and has a larger staff so if something goes wrong, they might be able to hand it a little more than at home, but will still need to transfer for something serious. They are not waiting rooms for the hospital. The hospital is sterile and flat and there is no privacy. The birthing center is the opposite of that.

UNASSISTED CHILDBIRTH (UC): This is not ‘stuntbirthing’ as some practitioners call it. They are not doing this to show up their friends or other women. It is not a contest as to where you had your baby! Now, I don’t agree that UC is safe, but it is a personal choice. There is a woman that is a big UC advocate, and she recently had her 5th UC with her 8th child. It ended up being stillbirth, and people came out saying it is because she is so active about the cause. It is her fault her baby is dead and she is in the ICU. It’s just wrong to bash someone like this. What happened to choosing your life?

NATURAL BIRTH: I don’t care who you are or what you think, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to bring your child into the world without drugs or anything. And it is also not a contest. No one goes through natural birth just to say they did. If they did that, they wouldn’t be able to make it through. I am so sick of people saying the drugs were invented because the pain shouldn’t be there, and that without the pain meds you are just hurting yourself and your baby. It’s pain with a purpose people!! But, the pain meds are there if needed. If you get tired, or if you need any interventions, they are amazing things. One lady said that “you would never see a natural birther go have open heart surgery without anesthetic.” Well, no shit! Your body doesn’t naturally open your chest cavity, and then operate on your heart!! Your body will naturally know what to do to expell your baby out and all the stuff with it. It knows what to do!!

DOULAS: These are people that want to assist the mother. Not the doctor, not the partner, not the nurses, the laboring woman. She is your support 100%, and whatever you want to do, she will support you in. If you want a natural birth, she is there. If you want an epidural, she is there. If you want a cesarean, she is there. They are not there to underhand the doctor’s decisions. They are there to support the mother and educate her and carry out her wishes when she needs to concentrate. If you feel your toes are stepped on, get over it! Just because you want a passive labor woman and it doesn’t happen, don’t cry in your freaking milk.

VBACs: They are not dangerous!!!!!!!!! I don’t think that can be said enough. There is risk in everything you do in life. A less than 1% risk of rupture is no reason to do a riskier procedure. It’s crazy! Don’t succomb to the repeat cesarean just because they completely overplay the rupture card. Most doctors never even see this!

There is so much more the write about, but I am just too upset to think.

Thanks for listening…


5 Responses

  1. Yes, there is some really upsetting stuff out there, isn't there? Sometimes I just have to avoid it or I spend all of my time walking around horribly upset.Keep up the awesome work on your blog!!!!

  2. Definitely lots to vent about in the birth world!Re: the "hospital waiting rooms with beds." This very much describes in-hospital "alternative birthing rooms" or "birth centers." I've experienced several–they will be called things like, "Family Birthing Center" (but is is really just a new name for the OB floor!). So, maybe that is what the person who said that was thinking of! It does NOT describe freestanding birth centers, which is what you're thinking of, but it does (sadly!) often describe attached-to-the-hospital birth centers that some communities have.

  3. Amen. Need I say more?

  4. This was a really interesting post, I had never heard of a doula before!

  5. You say it sister!!

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