Complaining Week?

So, I officially dub this week “Complaining Week”. I have already complained about a few things with our maternity care in this country, and I just want to write a few more down and then leave it up to you to complain of other things or the same things.

1. Elective Cesarean: You probably don’t want to get me started on this one, but I’m going to write about it anyway. If you had a cesarean for your first, I guess I will let this slide. VBAC isn’t very supported, and many women don’t know their options, or are terrified of the dreaded ‘rupture’. But if this is your first baby, why the freak would you want a cesarean? It’s major abdominal surgery!! MAJOR SURGERY!! I will NEVER support this. EVER. If I can’t get an elective appendectomy, you should not be able to have an elective primary cesarean.

2. Eating in Labor: You are doing crazy amounts of work! Most people don’t work this hard in their entire lives! And you are supposed to do it on no food? Are you truly joking? … There are truly no other words I could say on this ….

3. “Having a healthy baby is best”: I am so SICK of hearing doctors, hospitals, nurses, women saying that even if you had an unnecessary surgery or interventions or anything, that the only thing that matters is your healthy baby. You don’t matter at all. Who cares about you? Having a baby is one of the most life changing experiences you will ever have. You created, carried, and gave birth to part of you! If that isn’t amazing, nothing is. And I can understand about not letting your experience ruin you, but come on now. You could have the healthiest baby ever born, and the experience does mean a lot! If it didn’t, there wouldn’t be women all over our country in depression or angry over their births. It truly is a big deal. Stop focusing on just the baby. It’s wrong.

4. Due dates: Considering these are an estimate in the first place, why do we still use them? 40 weeks is the AVERAGE. Meaning a lot of women go over it, but 1 or 2 weeks. Less than 5% of babies are born on their due date. A lot of studies have been done recently about pregnancy is actually 41 weeks 5 days for first time moms, and 40 weeks 5 days for second or more. So, why hasn’t it changed? Doctors like timelines. They hate surprise. 40 weeks, then induction or cesarean. Very cut and dried.

5. Informed Consent: I haven’t posted about this yet, just because it is such a broad topic. But I will say this, no matter how you look at it, you are not getting informed at a hospital, from your doctor, even from your midwife. They give you the side they like, say you are informed, make you sign a piece of paper, and that’s that. It should not be this way, but since it is, you have to go out and learn for yourself. If you don’t know the downsides and upsides to the procedures done to you, there is something wrong. Please get educated, this in itself will help our maternity care system!

Ok, so that’s it for today. What do you guys think? What really gets your goat about our maternity care system??


2 Responses

  1. My biggest complaint as I have noted several times on my blog is the hypocrisy that happens on both ends of the spectrum. I hate when Doctors say they support natural birth and then 2 hours into labor push for interventions. I also hate when natural birth advocates talk about how scary doctors and hospital are and that they only try to "scare" you into interventions when by saying that very thing, the natural people are using scare tactics that promote their own agenda. I am a more middle of the road kind of person. I think it's important to be informed, not scared.Great post!!!

  2. Love this post.#3 is a huge one on my list of hates. I have feelings too!Another is the whole being talked "at" by the medical 'professionals'. And worse, being ignored while they all decide what to do without involving me. I'm there in the room with you! How about letting me know what is happening to MY body, and MY baby!

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