Do You Truly Have Birthing Options?

I have been reading a lot of birthing stories lately, and a lot of the natural women had to fight for their births. I have never read a story where a woman wanted an epidural and had to fight to get it. They are readily available, as are all drugs for a laboring woman. What truly makes them different? Does not wanting drugs make you crazy, so your opinion truly doesn’t matter?

Is choosing to give birth naturally a realistic option today?

There are 2 views on birth:
1. It is a normal, natural process
2. A medical even fraught with the possibility of things going wrong.

There may be other views, but these are the two main ones. Why are they so completely different?

In addition, there are two views on the pain of labor and delivery:
1. It is not only person, but purposeful and protective
2. You need to be rescued from it


You can choose to attend childbirth classes, you can choose your provider, the place you give birth, when to have an epidural, even choose to have a cesarean and these choices are supported. But if you choose natural birth, there is a lip service, but you get little to no support.

“In a birth environment that fails to provide what women need to give birth naturally, it is no surprise that so few women do so.”

It makes you wonder about the maternity care system in our country, yet again. Does a laboring woman’s no not mean the same thing as a laboring woman’s yes? Are drugs truly the only way to make a woman happy and enjoy her experience of her birth?

If you are in labor, do you truly need to be saved from the experience?

Is choosing natural birth truly a valid option anymore?


2 Responses

  1. I thought I had choices the first time around, but what I didn't realize then is that I didn't know all my options. I am so glad I have learned so much about what my options are and how to get them. Your blog has taught me a LOT!! Keep up the good work.

  2. I hope so but I fear that my choice will be difficult given that I have an OB (at the moment) and am birthing in a hospital. I live in a big city (Atlanta) and basically there are ONLY two or three midwives names who come up for women who truly want a no-hassle natural experience (but not a homebirth). My options are to go with these women (something of a hassle given their location and the fact that one's practice is completely changing now and the details are sketchy) or stick with my practice and hope that my doctor will abide by my wishes.I've seen 4 different docs at my current practice so I really won't know who I'm dealing with until a few weeks from now when they publish the schedule. I've gotten OK answers to the questions that I asked but also some that seem like lip service.I hate feeling like my options are limited. My doctors might co-operate with my wishes, but I won't know until it is too late. I fear having to fight for what I want in the hospital on a day when my emotions are running high and I'm in pain. I think it is so sad that it has to be this way at all.

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