Another Birth Quote?

I am pretty sure most of you are starting to see a pattern. I see birth in EVERYTHING. Literally.

So I was at work on Friday, and a guy called really upset that he had to make 3 security questions for his online banking instead of just one. He went off for 20 minutes about how dumb the system is and how we are just robots memorizing passwords and security questions. (I was trying really hard not to laugh this whole time).

Near the 15 minute mark, he said something that was absolutely perfect and worked SOOOO well with birth. I was so excited, I asked him to repeat what he had said because it goes perfectly with my future job. He thought it was funny and repeated it for me.

Once you feel your rights are not violated, you let people get away with everything, because you don’t want the responsibility.

Now, keep in mind he is just talking about security questions for online banking.

A light bulb went off in my head!!

How true is this statement when it comes to birth in the US? We don’t question our care, we don’t research, we just do what they say. They can’t be wrong, because if they are wrong, it is on us, not them. We don’t want the responsibility when it comes to maternity care. Why research when your doctor can hand you a pamphlet containing all the information they just told you?

When you truly think about it, this is our mindset. We are so passive with our care when we are pregnant. We are active about all our other health care, but not when it comes to maternity care? It just doesn’t make sense…

Have any birth related things hit you this week? Did this quote make as much sense to you as it did to me?


2 Responses

  1. Loved the quote! That makes perfect sense. People need to be active participants in their own healthcare and not expect the doctor to make all the decisions.

  2. Yep. And a doctor will take responsibility or credit for their birth "successes," then get angry when someone tries to hold them liable for "failures" through litigation, whether malpractice or not.They think they can have it both ways. We'll take responsibility for your birth, unless something goes wrong. Then we feel that all of these women need to take responsibility for themselves and stop blaming us.That's not just maternity care. That's what being a doctor is to some. Good thing they're not all like that.Also, I "apologize" for the excessive "use" of "quotation marks." I'm not sure "why" I'm "using" so many.

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