The Dreadful 2 WW

I was talking to one of my best friends, and I was contemplating the 2ww. Why is it soooo hard? You have to wait 2 weeks to get a positive or a negative, and there is nothing you can do about it! You wait and wait, and grow more and more excited as the days go by, and on day 28, you go buy a test. You test once, get a negative. You wait a day, test again, negative again.

By day 30, you are so tired of waiting and getting negatives, you start to talk yourself out of your ‘pregnancy’. But you can’t do it for long. You look up what your due date would be, and you secretly hope that the cramps you are feeling are just the cramps of early pregnancy.

Why do you have to wait those dreadful two weeks?

I have a theory…

In those two weeks, you go back and forth about wanting to be a mother. You think it wouldn’t be a good time to get pregnant, how you couldn’t possibly be pregnant, how you aren’t ready, and then in the next breath you are looking at baby stuff on amazon and designing a baby room.

You drive everyone crazy with your baby talk and every baby you see you just fawn over.

Here is the theory. God designed the 2ww wait so we would be better mothers. It teaches you patience, and helps you decide what you truly want. You can be upset and happy during that time because nothing is confirmed. You can prepare yourself for that positive or that negative.

And even though having a negative every month breaks my heart, I think it has helped me become a stronger person. I feel that I can truly take almost anything after this long hard road of TTC.

So, that is my word of wisdom for the day, did you have one?


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