Body After Baby Labor Day Challenge

So Mama Notes has been doing a really neat challenge these last few months. This week, she decided to do an 8 week challenge where you join teams and such for your best body by labor day.

I joined, but I guess my pictures never got there, so I am going to post them on here instead… hahahaha…

So, my goal is to gain at least 4 pounds in the next 8 weeks. If I get up to about 115 lbs, that will be what I weight when I got pregnant with my daughter, and I will be a healthy weight again.

And it is more than gaining weight. I want to become more fit and lose that extra bit of middle flab I have left over from my daughter.

I am super excited to do this, and encourage all of you noble readers to join in too!


4 Responses

  1. I never got your picture!! Did you email it to me?!

  2. Ya, but it's all good. Less traffic flow on my site haha.

  3. Kayce, I just checked through all my emails and I didn't get an email from you! I wrote back to everyone with a confirmation that I got it also.. so I don't think it ever made it to me! Sorry!

  4. You are much braver than I.

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