Pain In Labor — The Problem?

Denis Walsh is a midwifery researcher, lecturer, author and a practising midwife. He is Associate Professor in Midwifery at the University of Nottingham. He has lectured widely throughout the Europe, Australia and New Zealand and is a frequent contributor to childbirth journals. He is a regular author of the Birthwrite Column in the British Journal of Midwifery. He has published two books: Improving Maternity Services. Small if Beautiful: Lessons from a Birth Centre and Evidence-Based Care for Normal Labour & Birth: A Guide for Midwives, the latter a best seller.

Recently, he submitted an article to Evidence Based Midwifery about the purpose of pain in labor. Now, this is not a new thing. People have been discussing the pain in labor theory since the 1800’s and even before then! This IS NOT NEW.

He was quoted saying, “In the west it has never been safer to have a baby, yet it appears that women have never been more frightened of the processes.”

You can read an article on his publishing here, here, and even here! Most of the articles are titled “British midwife says no to pain meds” or “Why women should put up with pain in labor” and other such ‘unsavory’ titles.

I have written a post on pain in childbirth HERE and also HERE .

Midwives are supposed to practice a more holistic approach to births. That is why they are always viewed as ‘Hippies’.

This midwife, though male, came out and said exactly what other midwives have been saying for centuries, and he is bashed thoroughly by every paper and midwife in his country.

Why?? Because he is a man.

Who cares that he is a midwife. Who cares that he is a natural birth advocate. Who cares he teaches at a midwifery school. Who cares that he has published two amazing natural birth books. He is a man, and therefore has no say about birth, AT ALL.

In such an advanced society, why can’t we just accept that we are wrong? Women, a MAN can say things, it isn’t wrong! In our country we let men rip babies out of our bodies everyday!! If one of them said this, it wouldn’t be a problem, because they are ‘doctors’.

What makes this man so different? Because he is a midwife? Because he is talking about labor pain when he hasn’t experienced any?

Well, hell, then I have no say either! I’ve never been in anything but early labor. I should have no say then too!

This amazing man has placed an article within our reach about how pain in childbirth is purposeful. And even then he says that pain medication is there if needed, but if it isn’t, it detracts from your hormones, from the experience, and has many risks we don’t know about!

Didn’t Grantley Dick-Read and Robert Bradley say the same things???

I personally can’t wait for this article to be published. I am going to get myself a copy of it and frame it.

Good for him for being a lone shark in a vicious vicious world!!


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