A Compilation, If You Will

So, for today’s post, I have decided to write a summary or all the blogs I follow and what they are so you can check them out for yourself. Some are great, some are good, and some are downright bad.

They are in no particular order, so don’t be offended if you aren’t first…

1. Stand and Deliver: She is a natural mommy that had both her babies at home. She also wrote a dissertation on unassisted childbirth that I am reading and it is really great.

2. Reality Rounds: She is a NICU nurse, and I absolutely love what she has to say. She takes real life stories, but puts them in a way you can glean knowledge off of them.

3. Birthing At Home: She is pregnant with her second baby, and a birth geek like me. She is blogging about her pregnancy, and also blogging about birth and everything she finds useful.

4. Motherhood Moments: She is a natural, cloth diapering, baby wearing mommy that is blogging about her life!

5. Woman to Woman: This is an educational website that brings together tons of information about childbirth and women and everything rolled into one.

6. Mama Notes: She is also a natural mommy, who cloth diapers, baby wears, and had a natural hospital birth. She blogs about her life and her natural ways and such.

7. Birth Faith: She is a birth junkie and loves to write about birth. Everything and anything involved haha

8. Nurse Lochia: She is a natural mom, and an L & D nurse. She loves birth and working in the field

9. Baby Dust Diaries: She struggled with infertility for a long time and finally had an IVF miracle. This is the story of her life and times

10. Momma Molly: Another natural mom, and she posts natural uplifting birth stories once a week. They are great!

11. The Unnecesarean: She is saving the planet from unnecessary cesareans every day. Her site is always up to date on the lastest everything

12. Skeptical OB: This blog drives me crazy, but I can’t stop reading it. She is an OB, and says midwives are quacks… but for some reason I read every post haha.

13. Homebirth: This is a midwives blog about her birth experiences and everything she is going through with all that is going on in Australia. She has great ideas!

14. VBAC Facts: The education of VBAC, completely

15. Midwifery Ramblings: The new midwife in my area, and all of her ideas (just LOVE her)

16. Midwife with a Knife: Hasn’t posted much lately, but she is an OB that practices the midwifery model of care

17. Doula 6 Angelita: Just started her blog, and I love it! A doula changing the world one couple at a time

18. Midwive’s Tale: A midwife, just posting through her journey

19. Citizens for Midwifery: A pro-midwife blog

20. Motherhood Round 2: An anonymous mommy blogging about her journey to baby #2. I just love her ideas!!

21. Baby Making Machine: Her journey to motherhood, one step at a time

22. At Your Cervix: A RN working in L & D at a teaching hospital, and her trials and happiness through it

23. The Man-Nurse Diaries: I LOVE HIM. His wife had homebirths, he is training to be a nurse, pretty much working everywhere, and blogging about it!

24. Doula Mom: A doula and mother, describing her life at both ends of the spectrum

25. The Wonder of Birth: A new doula, educating women the way she wasn’t and praying for a VBA2C!!

26. Better Birth: A birth activist, and helping women realize their strength one post at a time.

27. Village Midwife: A midwife since 1973 and all she has learned and has yet to learn

28. Refuse to be a Womb Pod: Has has 2 VBACs and is an amazing advocate for a woman’s right to choose!

29. Navelgazing Midwife: A midwife and all she has accomplished!

30. Fearless Birth: Advocating for women the right to take back their births and enjoy what they have!




3 Responses

  1. Awesome list. I need to get blog list made. I love reading birth blogs. Your blog is great!

  2. Just finally got around to updating my list with some of the blogs from your list…. phew!!! You have a big list!! Looking forward to reading some of these (when I have time, LOL!!!). Thanks for posting. 🙂

  3. What an awesome list sweets! This needs to be like, public education.

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