Another Crazy Theory?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about my daughter’s birth. If everything had gone well, even with a cesarean, would I be the person I am today? Would I be such a strong natural birth advocate, or would I be completely okay with having a repeat cesarean?

If you have a good birth with your first child, and someone points you in the direction of natural birth after the fact, are you doing something wrong by saying you weren’t informed for your first birth?

Is it bad to realize and accept that you were only informed for one side of maternity care and that you didn’t know the full circle?

Is it easier to accept you weren’t informed if you had a bad birth experience? If you have everything go wrong, are you more likely to change your ideas and learn more for the next? And if your birth goes well for your first and you have no complaints, will you go out and find out more yourself for your next, or will you just plan the same thing??

Ok, I know that was a lot of questions, but it was great getting it off my chest haha.


2 Responses

  1. I do feel people don't need a bad experience to want a natural birth- I was one of those. I chose to have my daughter at home (and unassisted) because the first happy birth story I ever came across was unassisted. Up until that point in my life (and I was 20) everything I heard was bad and awful. I suppose you could say that I chose this not because I had a bad birth but because everyone else I knew did.That birth went well. Of course there are things I would change, but I think all births are like that. I've thought about whether or not I'd make the same choices again- I think I would UC again, but I think next time I might try a birthing method. I didn't take any hypno classes or anything of that sort. I survived and it was good, so I'm not very drawn to taking classes next time, but I think I might anyway just to see what it's like. Plus UCing get lonely- it'll be nice to connect with other mothers.

  2. I can relate to this! I've always leaned toward natural birth (being taught by Nurse midwives in nursing school) but got sidetracked when I had to see an OB for my twin cesarean delivery. Everything went fine for that. However, it was the unwanted repeat c-section with my daughter that really changed my life. As much as I wish I had gotten my VBAC, I'm almost glad for the way things have gone because it led me to being a doula and I've become really passionate about childbirth issues. I wouldn't say for sure that I wasn't informed enough for my births (though compared to what I know now I was) , but more that I wasn't supported enough and didn't have the networks with natural childbirth people like I have now. Sorry my thoughts are kind of rambled.

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