Enfamil ResFull

New Enfamil® RestFull™

Specially designed to help babies feel full longer and sleep better.

Give your baby a RestFull Night.

Your baby needs a proper amount of sleep to keep her healthy and happy. That’s why we created new Enfamil RestFull, the formula specially designed to naturally encourage a good night’s sleep.

  • A natural way to help keep your baby feeling satisfied.
  • Thickens gently in baby’s tummy and digests slowly.

Six Tips for a Restfull Night

There has been a lot going around on the internet about this new formula.

I’ve decided to add my two cents haha.

And just as a disclaimer, I do not think formula is poison, and formula can be a great way to feed your child. I do believe breast is best, but to each his own.

Now, onto this new ‘natural’ formula.

I don’t care what you say, no formula is natural. It is an artificial way to feed your baby because you either can’t use the natural way or you don’t want to. There is absolutely nothing natural about formula. Absolutely nothing.

Secondly, what is natural about feeding your baby a formula that thickens in its stomach and slowly digests? This is an artificial way for parents to get the sleep they ‘need’ because no one told them having a baby would be so tiring. And would you want to eat something that thickens in your stomach? Bread does that, and sometimes it just hurts after you eat a bit much. Wouldn’t it be like this for your baby?

Third, babies are meant to wake up every few hours. It is their body’s natural defense against falling asleep too deeply and ‘forgetting’ to breathe. If you bring your newborn home and feed them this, they will not have the natural reaction to wake up when they are hungry 3 hours later, and the risk of SIDS goes WAY up. It is what their body is supposed to do!!

Fourth, this product won’t be used just for nighttime feedings like the label suggests. Families are going to use this when their child needs a nap, or when they have had a long day and need some peace and quiet. Some people will use this formula all day long and use no other. The baby will be eating much less than it should, and this increases the risk for malnutrition, SIDS, and many other problems from not eating and sleeping too much.

Fifth, did you not realize being a parent would be tiring? Sure, it is super hard work. You are overtired, and your baby cries. It happens. But would you really want to get artificial sleep by feeding your baby something that carries a lot of risks? It isn’t just regular formula. This is made to make your baby feel full so it stays asleep. It is just wrong.

This is just like the people that put rice cereal in their baby’s bottle to keep it full. It’s a baby, not an adult! They do NOT sleep like we do.

Lastly, I understand these companies are just making a product that we, the public, call for. This will be flying off the shelves. If you can promise a newborn baby will sleep all night, of course new moms will take it! It is just common knowledge. And I am not faulting anyone. It is a company and it can do as it pleases, but I am positive they knew exactly how women would use this and they made it anyway.

Formula isn’t bad for your baby. It carries more risks than breastmilk, but a lot of the time, you can’t use breastmilk. It happens, and it is amazing that we have formula when this happens. But, this product is just plain wrong. This isn’t formula. This is a way to make sure you get the ‘quiet’ you need when you have an overwhelming day. It is irresponsible, and you are putting your baby at risk.

That’s all for my little rant… What do you guys think??


Another Cesarean Failure

I found this link on Motherhood Round 2, and it needs to be shared.

Why you should never have to have a cesarean, unless it is an emergency!!!

Makes Me So Freaking Angry Pt 2

So, a couple days ago I posted about the ACOG looking for ‘bad’ home birth experiences. When they announced this, the natural home birth movement immediately began flooding them with positive home birth experiences.

Less than 24 hours after announcing their ‘plan’ they shut down the site and password protected it so only people with an ACOG membership can enter.

So…. they don’t want the stories of how great home birth is and how well trained midwives are. But, we already knew this. They want the ones that go bad so they can lobby to make home birth midwives a thing of the past.

Sad thing is that if they make them illegal, people will just continue practicing like they have been doing for centuries. So very many midwives practice underground, and women flock to them.

Does the ACOG just not get it? You can ban it and make it sound like the worst thing you can do for your baby, but people still do it, and it has been growing in number for years!!

Another one of the awesome moments in our country where freedom is supposed to be amazing…

Just Because

*This is not a birth post. This is just personal ramblings that I need to get off my chest*

Today, I woke up and I was just tired… Tired of worrying about money, tired of worrying about Glade, tired of not knowing what to do. Just tired.

I haven’t wanted to read any birth stories in a few weeks. They are one of my favorite things in the entire world. I think reading them made me think I was taunting myself with something I can never have. A happy birth.

While my husband was at work, I started reading birth stories again. And I cried. And then cried over regular birth posts. And then some birth videos. And finally, I just cried.

We have been trying to get pregnant for 16 months. When will it end? When I go to the doctor and they tell me there is something wrong with me or when I get pregnant? How long will it last? Will I ever be able to hold another one of my babies after they are born?

And then I looked at the calendar… Today my child would have been 7 months old. Probably crawling and making cute baby words that no one understands. My child would be eating solids, and drinking out of a cup. My child would be nursing and would cuddle up to me to sleep at night. My daughter would play with her younger sibling and they would be best friends.

Or my other child that would be 2 weeks old. This child might be smiling and cooing at me and my husband. My daughter would be begging to hold this child all the time. She would get bored and go play, but she would always come back to make sure her sibling is okay. I would be tired and cranky, and I would have my two children with me.

It isn’t fair. I see women get pregnant all the time that have had a cesarean section. I see women get pregnant all the time and none of them look like they love it. I hear women complain about getting pregnant on accident or women that complain because I wouldn’t want to be pregnant and experience heartburn. I hear women complain about how they didn’t want to see their baby after the birth and just wanted to sleep.

And then I put my hand on my empty womb and I just want to cry all over again.

I don’t want to go through this anymore. Every month I approach the end of my cycle and I pray that this month is the month. And I get my period, and for a short time my world just comes crashing down. I don’t want to do anything but fall asleep and not wake up. My daughter knows that on these days, she just needs to cuddle with me. And she does it so well that I feel guilty for wanting another child when I have her.

So many people can’t have children, and I feel guilty for wanting more. I feel guilty because I have a perfect daughter.

I want to be pregnant. I want to finally get a positive pregnancy test when I am not losing my baby. I want to feel morning sickness and become extremely tired and wear maternity pants. I want to feel my baby kick. I want to plan my HBAC and get ready for the birth. I want to be excited and anxious and sick of being pregnant when I get close to my due date. I want to have my baby in my own home and hold it close to my body after it comes into the world. I want to be one of the women that say “I did it.” I want pictures of my new family at the birth.

I want it all.

Why can’t I have it? Have I done something wrong? Am I being punished for something? Or am I just being stretched to my limit and need to trust God again?

I haven’t been able to really pray since I lost my last baby before Christmas. Every time I try, I just get angry and can’t go on. I then cry for a few hours, and sometimes I try again. I don’t feel close to my Heavenly Father anymore. I am not myself anymore. I used to have such a strong testimony. And I know I still have it, it is just buried so deep I am scared I won’t find it again. I want to be who I used to be.

I want to be able to be happy with whatever my life throws at me. I want to be close to my Heavenly Father. I want to feel the spirit again. Even if it is only for one brief second. I want the comfort that I refused myself and now I can’t find.

How am I supposed to help pregnant women if I can’t even help myself? How can I trust God again when I refused his comfort in my hour of need? How can I be who i was?

How do you turn back time when all that changed you isn’t happy?

Makes Me Freaking Sick!!

The ACOG is trying to make home birth out to be more dangerous than it really is, so it has called everyone to fill out a survey if they have witnessed or had a ‘bad home birth’.

So, instead, flood them with good home birth stories!!

We need to show them that home births are amazing and women should have the choice to have them. They want to make them completely illegal, and that completely cuts out a woman’s choice for the place she wants to birth.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is concerned that recent increases in elective home delivery will result in an increased complication and morbidity rate. Recent reports to the office indicate our members are being called in to handle these emergencies and in some instances have been named in legal proceedings. To attempt to determine the extent of the problem, a registry of these cases will be maintained at ACOG on a year-by-year basis.

If you have been called to attend, whether in the emergency room, operating room or labor and delivery suite, a patient who came to your hospital after an unsuccessful attempt at elective home delivery, please complete the following survey even if there was no adverse outcome. Include only current events after June 15, 2009.

Fill out the survey HERE


It’s been a crazy few weeks. Sorry I haven’t posted much at all…

I did order my stuff from ICAN to start a chapter down in Southern Utah though. Really excited about that!! And I got 10 new birth books and I can’t wait to devour them.

I think that’s it for right now, but I wish I had more to say… Just not in a birth mood this week.

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