Why Do They Do This?

It seems like not a day goes by when I hear of a woman that was told something by her doctor and she had to go in for an induction. Either your baby is too big, or your fluid is too low, or you water broke and you didn’t know, or you are overdue and your baby is going to die unless we take it out today.

I am so SICK of hearing about these doctors and these women.

Why are we not taking charge of our own care? Why do we follow blindly behind someone that doesn’t really care how we want to have our babies?

Why do we think we are informed and educated when we truly aren’t??

We place our trust and our faith in our maternity caregiver. You trust they are going to treat you and your newborn like they would treat their wives or themselves. We don’t look back, we just plow on, knowing that they would never lead us astray.

And the worst part is, we aren’t wrong to do this!!! They are our care provider. You wouldn’t think that they would do something for convenience. You wouldn’t think that they wouldn’t provide evidence based care. All other doctors provide evidence care, why wouldn’t OBs??

The system is so screwed up, and I can’t find a way to make it better. At every turn there is someone spouting lies about homebirth and how you are just lining up to kill your baby. rarely do you hear of the happy, healthy births that take place at home or with midwives.

It is so unfair…

I just wish I could do more to change it. How many more women need to die or surgeries need to be performed or babies placed in a NICU before the eyes of OBs are opened? How many?


2 Responses

  1. I find the blame almost evenly proportioned between women and caregivers. Caregivers can be greedy, impatient, litigation-shy, arrogant and unwilling to learn… and women can be willfully ignorant and apathetic about their well-being and their preparation for birth. I think the balance falls on the caregiver, because they have the authority to make their opinion more weighted than the mother's… but I see a whole lot of mothers who blindly go in with a "I show up, you do everything else" mentality and just do what is commanded with no further research. It's not a blameless situation any way. But you're absolutely right – it is depressing and angering. Especially so b/c one can't just say, "You're wrong, your doctor was wrong, and what you did probably hurt your baby!" One just has to smile and nod.

  2. I am totally there with you. Have you read "Born in the USA" by Marsden Wagner? He outlines how to change maternity care. Have you taken The Birth Survey (www.thebirthsurvey.com) hosted by CIMS, demanding individual doctor, hospital, and midwife accountability? We can change it, but it will be one family, one baby at a time!!! Keep on fighting!!

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