Guest Post – The Television Epidemic

It has been a long week, and I am running out of things to post all the time. Especially trying to decide between finding a job or doing the doula thing.

So, I asked if anyone was interested in doing guest posts on here. I got my first reply post today!!

The Television Epidemic by Danielle Elwood

Deliver Me, I didn’t know I was pregnant, Maternity Ward, A Baby Story, Bringing Home Baby, all the makings of a maternity care system in crisis. I have come to a point in my life where I cannot bring myself to watch any of these shows anymore. One after another they are rushed off for into the operating room for their cesarean sections, be it elective, scheduled, or emergency, because of their high risk pregnancies.

The message we are sending out women, young and old is that the majority of women having babies need highly skilled surgeons to manage their low risk pregnancies. Which all in all is over kill. 10-15% of pregnant women should be considered high risk, and seeing Obstetricians. Where a good 75% of women should be seen by midwives, able, educated, and ready to handle the care of women, on a far more intimate, and one on one basis. Not in and out in 10 minutes not listening to the concerns or questions they have. But now, back to these shows.

They take the hand full of super high risk women who need medical interventions for their own safety, and show them like normal pregnancies. The fact is they are showcasing these stories for ratings. The most dramatic deliveries make for more viewers. Like in the case of the Discovery Health Channel show Deliver Me. Their tag line being, When pregnancies have a dangerous turn. At least in the episodes I have flipped through in the middle of the night.

They show all these women who need cesareans, premature labor, birth defects, mothers with heart conditions, and promoting them at the norm when it comes to birth.

Not the case.

This is why young girls today are being raised to be so absolutely petrified at becoming pregnant or giving birth. They want to be drugged up, epidurals, inductions, in complete control, which they do not know cases all these high risk scary deliveries. Cytotec being used for induction, which we all know is horrible, pitocin, elective cesareans, all the crap that we should want to be avoiding, not asking for.

How about some shows about natural birth, that aren’t titled “Extreme Births” like the ONE natural birth show that discovery health showed. They took 3 women across the world two of which were having unattended births, and showed these women as their clips for natural birth.

How about showing midwife attended home births?

How about showing midwife attended hospital births with no interventions?

How about showing midwife attended freestanding birth center births?

Because it isn’t what people want to see! Well at least the mainstream idiots who want the crazy, hectic, unnatural, intervention filled births.

Maybe discovery health should show The Business of Being Born as a special?

All I know is that so many first time mothers are being brainwashed by these crappy shows, and something really needs to change.

Boycott these stupid shows or else they are going to continue, and work against the natural birth community and all that we work for daily.

Danielle Elwood


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