Makes Me So Freaking Angry Pt 2

So, a couple days ago I posted about the ACOG looking for ‘bad’ home birth experiences. When they announced this, the natural home birth movement immediately began flooding them with positive home birth experiences.

Less than 24 hours after announcing their ‘plan’ they shut down the site and password protected it so only people with an ACOG membership can enter.

So…. they don’t want the stories of how great home birth is and how well trained midwives are. But, we already knew this. They want the ones that go bad so they can lobby to make home birth midwives a thing of the past.

Sad thing is that if they make them illegal, people will just continue practicing like they have been doing for centuries. So very many midwives practice underground, and women flock to them.

Does the ACOG just not get it? You can ban it and make it sound like the worst thing you can do for your baby, but people still do it, and it has been growing in number for years!!

Another one of the awesome moments in our country where freedom is supposed to be amazing…


2 Responses

  1. Birth is a huge business, so of course they will protect their interests and they have the money to do it. Fortunately, as has been shown, it will backfire. There should be few homebirth horror stories, because from the get-go we understand that we are assuming added responsibility. We accept that responsibility as a reasonable and low risk compared to what hospitals have to offer.

  2. Sounds just like our 'perfect' government. Taking away our freedoms so they can have more power. I sure hope people stand up for what they believe and stop allowing our government to take over our lives.

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