Birth Story #28

When a woman says no, even in labor, it means no!! What makes a laboring woman’s no not as important as a laboring woman’s yes?

This Birth
is an example of that.

Also that you should not have anyone at your birth that is not there to assist you 100% in what you want.

It doesn’t explain why she was transfered to the hospital, or anything, it is just her feelings following her birth.


2 Responses

  1. Wow! What an amazing story. It makes me cry to read how many women have their births stolen from them. I had the same feeling that I had missed out on a part of my birth for the longest time. Mine wasn't even that bad either…I just felt that the decision to move from the birth center to the hospital and pitocin augmentation was "pushed" on me when I was at a weak point by my midwife. Granted, I was tired after two days of labor, and I gave in as much as she pushed, but still..I still got my unmedicated birth (outside of pitocin) after only 8 hours in the hospital, and we left the hospital 8 hours later against much argument.

  2. Not sure what happend but the link is no longer working.

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