The Stress

This last weeks has been hectic. But the added blog stress has done some people in.

I believe that birth is a natural thing. 90% of the time, labor will happen beautifully and no medical assistance will be necessary. The mother and baby will be fine, and the only thing they needed was support.

The remaining 10% is the reason we have such qualified OBs. Things can happen in a birth. So very many things. And OBs are trained to handle them. They are beautifully trained to handle the low percentage of high risk pregnancies. And the majority of the time they can get the baby and mother out of the deal as healthy as when they came in.

In our country, we have epidurals, we have inductions, we have IVs, we have EFM, we have cesareans… are any of these guaranteeing a healthy baby and mother?

In the cases where the benefits outweigh the risks, heck yes they are! But when they are done for convenience? There are so many risks and so few benefits to the routine procedures performed by OBs on low risk pregnancies.

Midwives are trained to handle low risk birth. They are trained to handle a hemorrhage, to help turn a baby, to monitor the baby and mother, to be the support a woman needs during her entire labor, to know when something could be going wrong and transfer if needed.

They don’t handle surgery, or epidurals, or inductions. They are there to handle the majority of women that don’t need interventions to have their babies. There are there to make sure the birth process flows smoothly.

What happens when a midwife and a doctor can’t work together? The entire birth sequence shuts down. If something goes wrong in a birth, a midwife has to know she is supported at the hospital.

Without that support, the mother will be disrespected and treated with bullying and abuse. The midwife will be banished from the hospital and the mother she has come to love.

But if you have that support? A midwife doesn’t have to worry about what will happen if a transfer occurs. The mother knows that she will be in good hands. There isn’t the bullying or the battery involved.

So very many women see birth as something you are supposed to have done to you, not participate in. And OBs hold up this belief because it makes them superior. It keeps them in control of the situation.

One of my favorite blogs wrote her final post today. She isn’t going to blog anymore because of the arguments and backbiting in the blogsphere. She hates being judged for her opinions, and everything that she decided to do with her son.

It makes me so sad that it has come to this. Blogging is supposed to be a way for mothers to get their thoughts out. They say their view, people can share their opposite opinion, but it shouldn’t come to fighting and taking things out of context.

Yet it happens everyday…

Just like women disrespected in their own births. Medicine is fantastic. I am so glad we have the things we have now. But when will women realize that highly medicating their birth will turn them into the high risk patient that OBs thrive on? Birth is boring. High risk birth is exciting and they live for it.

How much worse will it get before it gets better?


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