Oh, The Crap That Is Technology

As i read the book, Pushed, the one thing that caught my attention was where she talked about a new machine that monitored cervical dilation, fetal descent, and contractions. I prayed it was just an awful idea and would never enter the market.

OH, was I wrong…

Enter BirthTrack!! The BirthTrack system is the most exciting innovation in labor progression monitoring since the Friedman Labor Curve was introduced over 50 years ago. Cleared for use by the FDA and evaluated in clinical trials, the BirthTrack system is the first continuous labor
monitoring technology that provides obstetric caregivers with robust and decisive information to assist with the labor process.

Over the past half century, the proliferation of highly advanced medical technology has greatly enhanced the quality of patient care throughout the healthcare universe. Despite this widespread use of technologies across much of healthcare, the world of obstetrics has continued to rely upon manually obtained data to assist caregivers’ decisions during the active stage of labor. As a consequence, the current methods used for monitoring labor are sporadic, subjective, and intrusive. Most importantly, these methods often can generate inaccurate and unreliable data that leads to delayed treatment. Such delays can result in patient complications to both mother and new-born, unnecessary patient distress, and increased costs.


Because everyone knows that being on EFM and having hourly exams gets everyone no where!! So, let’s just track everything continuously with an awesome touch screen monitor!!!

What comes with this excellent device?

First, you have the disposable censors that clip on your cervix. They have been designed so as not to ever have any sharp edges facing, so they are ‘perfectly safe’. AND, they only cause minimal discomfort to the mother. Cuz contractions aren’t doing that already….

Second, you have the fetal head station censor. They SCREW it into the baby’s scalp and it monitors where the baby is, stationwise, and also the heart rate. So, you know at all times where your baby is, and they come out with a nice incision on their head! Win-Win!!! (Look at middle pic above to see how it SCREWS IN!!!

Third, you have the abdominal stickers. These measure your contractions and also make sure the other parts are still working.

And then, just in case you are interested, this is what the system looks like when it has been inserted. It just looks awesome!!!

And just because, they do have to break your water to put the electrode on your child’s head, and because you have 3 wires leaving your vagina, it makes a perfect path for the bacteria to enter. I mean, we definitely need a highway for that crazy stuff! It’s just an ease of access thing that no one ever thought of before!

To provide you with the data you need, the BirthTrack system automatically and instantly displays a continuous partogram of labor progress. You see the impact of every contraction, detect fast progressing or non-progressing labor, and better manage the use of drugs used to induce or augment labor. Armed with this precise information, you make confident informed decisions earlier in the process, helping to avoid complications and more accurately predict when you’ll be needed for the delivery.

By providing a more controlled, less stressful environment, you greatly increase the opportunity for better childbirth outcomes. With the BirthTrack system’s user-friendly, touchscreen monitor at the bedside, both your obstetric team and mothers-to-be and their partners can conveniently watch the progress of their labor. The instantaneous display of data also reduces the need to perform as frequent vaginal exams, one of the most common causes of infection, helping to improve the comfort level and privacy of mothers-to-be during this often-stressful time.

You know, I definitely understand how this is such an incredible device. I mean, this way, you don’t have to see a patient EVER until it is time to tell them they are being wheeled to the OR. Definitely saves TONS of money. And also, because contractions and attitude aren’t enough to monitor a labor, this way a mother and father can definitely make sure to see how far they have progressed with this ever confusing process…

So, this product is just fantabulous… Every hospital should have one. You would DEFINITELY cut down on all those crazy natural labor moms, and I think it would be great for the local home birth community. It’s a win win!!

And just in case you want to check it out here is their website, where you can download the pamphlet yourself!

OH, what have we done without this? It’s so insane that babies are actually being born without it.


3 Responses

  1. I can see how this device might be useful is extremely high risk pregnancies, but for a normal pregnancy? that's just highly invasive and unnecessary. Unfortunately, I fear I can see doctors pushing for this in all labors and coercing mothers into believing it's what's best if they care for their baby.

  2. This is crazy! You have less time with the doctor to discuss what is really going on and you have an incision on your baby's head!? What happens when the dumb thing stops working correctly and a REAL live breathing person is needed but since their 'perfect' little machine says every thing is okay they ignore what the mother says and complications arrise? Oh yeah, this is fantanstic!

  3. That just seems scary to me.

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