IVF Mistake

On CNN yesterday, they had a couple on TV that had decided to go through IVF to have a 4th child. She was able to get pregnant, but when the clinic called with the great news of their success, they also gave them some terrible news.

I’m sorry, but we “had transferred another couple’s embryos to Carolyn”. Say what now?

The clinic messed up and implanted another couple’s fertilized eggs into this couple trying for their 4th.

So, they decided not to terminate the pregnancy and they are giving the baby boy to the biological parents when she has her cesarean.

So, not only is she 35 weeks pregnant with another couple’s baby, but she is giving it up. She is like a surrogate that is not getting paid.

I think not terminating the child and giving it to the rightful parents is an amazing thing, but I don’t think it should have had to come to this. It was the clinic’s mistake. Why does this nice couple have to pay the price for it?

The thing that bothers me the most is the comments people are leaving on this article. (You can go to the article and movie here).

Some of the comments are (and there are tons more… and a lot that defend this couple with their choice for IVF):

I am glad you are doing this for that couple. People should learn that if you can’t conceive you need to just accept it or adopt. Things happen for a reason and too many people try to play God. These people had 3 kids already AND she had difficult pregnancies. At least she’s redeeming herself from her original selfishness.

Do the math. First pregnancy went at least 35 weeks, second only 32 weeks, third only 30 weeks. Did you not see the pattern? No, you were so determined to get pregnant that you went the IVF route, and now this.

Not saying you deserve this kind of stupid careless unforgiveable mistake by the clinic and its employees, but you must admit, you were pushing the envelope and taking big risks. Millions of babies and children just begging to be adopted by obviously loving parents such as yourself. Why not do that instead?

In spite of my criticism of your selfish decision to force IVF, I do commend you for not killing the innocent baby, and for agreeing to give the child to its biological parents, and I wish you all the best of everything. But seriously, consider adoption.

he more couple who refuse to accept being without children, the more mistakes like this will happen.

There are so many kids out there waiting to be adopted, yet everyone wants to be a breeder in this already overpopulated, under resourced world.

My hats off to childless couples.

So how is a couple with 3 living children allowed to go through IVF? I sure hope they paid out of pocket. How many kids do they need? We really need to start phasing out the tax deductions for more than 2 kids.

If I were she, I’d abort immediately.

If I were the biological mother, I’d insist on an abortion. No other woman would be allowed to carry my embryo!

This isn’t a “gift”; she is depriving the real mother of carrying her own child. I’d never take a biological child handed to me, carried by a surrogate.

And both sets of parents should shut down that clinic, and find out who got their other embryos. They could all have other children out there that they don’t know about. Everyone who has had a pregnancy out of that clinic should have a DNA test immediately.

We are approaching 7 BILLION people on this planet. WAY to many for our natural resources to sustain. (Unless you believe in the foolishness of a “higher” being that will provide).. All these people that have turned themselves into baby factories ARE selfish. Adoption is a great option. There are hundreds of thousands of babies and children all over the world that need a home and a family to love them.

Why would you go to such lengths for a fourth child anyway? Isn’t this world crowded enough? IVF is such a selfish, self-serving medical procedure. If you can’t have babies naturally, take one of the plentiful unwanted children that exist all around the world.


3 Responses

  1. Wow, some people are so very cruel. And that clinic… The pregnant mother must be heart-broken. Is she obligated by law to give the other couple the baby. Is there even such a law? What a difficult situation all the way around.

  2. This has to be so difficult for the parents who thought they were carrying their own baby. It really bothers me that others feel the need to reprimand those who have fertility issues and use IVF as a means to have children. I've seen it a lot and it's horrible. It's natural for a woman to want to concieve and carry her own child, not selfish. People can be so harsh.

  3. A sad story all around. I feel so sorry for both couples… as well as the child.So sick of those "you should adopt" comments. I wonder if they have adopted any children themselves?

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