The Button

So, I had a couple comments on how people can get their own button for their blog, so I decided to share my infinite knowledge…

And by infinite, I mean some other person’s knowledge I used haha.

Caleb made me the picture for the web, and first I saved it onto my photobucket account. They are the best for using online backup sources, and they are the easiest to make a button with.

After that, I went to THIS site and followed the instructions on how to turn my picture into a button.

I did change one step. She says to have a separate html layout for the text, but I just placed it under the picture in the same HTML layout box.

SO, hope to see more buttons around here soon!!!


I have a button!!

Soooo, I have to say thank you to my awesome friend Caleb for making my logo, and then making it awesome so I could have a blog button!!

So, like all the other awesome blogs out there, I am now in the “in”. SO, take it and enjoy!!!

Hopefully I see it on a few blogs in the future haha.

(It’s just on the left at the top, in case you didn’t see it ! )

Women, Prepare Yourselves!

One thing that still surprises me after all that I have learned about birth, is the people that prepare for a natural childbirth and don’t want meds no matter what, but “when I felt that first contraction, I asked for the epidural because it was sooo hard.”

If that first contraction has you so far out there, you didn’t prepare at all. Wanting a natural childbirth and actually preparing yourself are two very different things.

I could say I wanted a natural birth forever, but if all you do is read books and think you understand, you obviously don’t. (And the reason I can say this is because this is how I was!! Not that it would have changed anything…)

If you are looking into having a natural childbirth, books are a great resource. Especially for the women that like to read.

Some fantastic books include Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, Spiritual Midwifery, Hypnobabies, Husband Coached Childbirth, and some I haven’t read or owned.

But, even if you are amazing, and can understand all that you read, you still need to prepare!!

And the best way to do that is to go to a childbirth class!! And I do NOT mean the childbirth class offered by the hospital. That’s not a childbirth class; it is a class solely based on teaching you how to be a good patient.

There are so many classes you can choose from, depending on the area you live in.

The best way to find these classes are to ask a local midwife, your local LLL chapter, your local ICAN chapter, or doulas in your area. They will all have lists of classes, doulas, doctors, and midwives that are more directed towards natural birth or the birth you are looking for.

They are an amazing resource!!

And if you are short on funds, most times a doula would give you a few prenatal classes for a tiny increase in her fee that is less than some of the childbirth classes in your area.

And if you don’t want to take classes with other people, a lot of classes offer online or over the phone classes so you can have it in the comfort of your home!! Hypnobabies is one of them, and you practice it everyday so you are prepared for when your labor hits.

I think the classes are sooo important, no matter what number child you are having, but I think they are doubly important if you are trying for a VBAC. You need more care than someone that is going for a natural birth after having many or no vaginal deliveries before. Most times with cesarean comes depression and PTSD and pregnancy and childbirth are a very gray area.

I would also look for VBAC specific classes if you have any in your area. VBAC is very different from a regular vaginal delivery, and you need to be prepared as such!!

I wish I could stress the importance of preparation to all new mothers, but I do not have as much sway as I would hope haha.

Just remember to prepare yourself!! No labor is how you wish it to be, and no two labors are exactly the same! Prepare yourself accordingly!

Day #7: Spiritual Midwifery

This was Ina May’s first book, and definitely written back in the beginning of her midwifery days.

The first half of the book is birth stories just like her other one. They are definitely older, and most of them sound very hippy.

The best thing about this book is it is written for midwives, mothers, and other professionals. It is very technical, and has a lot of stuff about the female anatomy and how it deals with birth.

The information in this book is invaluable, and it is a great read. I learned more about birth in this book than any other so far.

I would definitely recommend this book for anyone going into the birth field. It is very educational and informative!!

Birth #34

Breech rocks!!

Day #6: Active Birth

This book is very technically oriented. There aren’t stories, and it is pretty much just facts strung after more facts.

So, if you are looking for a book that has facts on birth and not stories or anything, this is definitely a book for you.

It is basically a book on how to give yourself the active birth you would like instead of lying flat on a bed just taking the pain. It has a lot of things that help you get over pain, as well as prenatal exercises to keep you healthy and ready for a the birth.

The prenatal yoga poses are also very great, and I will definitely be trying them with my next pregnancy.

This book was really great, a little boring at times, but it gave me a different view on birth I hadn’t considered yet.

Definitely a good read!

Day #5: Hypnobirthing

I had heard a few things about this system, and I was curious what it was about. When I heard hypno, I was worried it was going to be one of those crazy hypnosis things.

She explains her births in the very beginning. What they made women do in the 50’s and 60’s in hospitals just makes me angry. She labored naturally, and when the baby was crowning, they knocked her out and took the baby out with forceps. She had to have 3 children to finally get the birth she truly wanted!

This process isn’t about hypnosis, per se, but it is about getting yourself into a relaxed state throughout all of labor. Even during the pushing stage, where you breathe the baby out and not push.

The videos I have seen of this birthing technique are completely calm and beautiful. You can barely even tell that the woman is in labor, let alone in transition.

The book is excellent at telling all about how to use this method in birth. The stories are great, and the birth process is definitely something I will look into.

If you are looking for a birthing class, I would check out this book, and then look into having the class. It seems weird from an outside standpoint, but it is a great system!