Forced Cesarean And Rape

Woman forced to undergo another cesarean in Page, AZ

In the news lately, there has been a LOT on the woman in Page, Arizona that has been told she cannot have another VBAC unless she travels to Pheonix or St George.


The hospital she is closest to ruled in June to stop allowing VBACs because of limited resources and they cannot meet the requirements stated by the ACOG.

This woman has had 3 children at the Page hospital. So, what exactly is the problem?

Her first child she had vaginally. Second child was an emergency cesarean because of a placental abruption (part or all of the placenta comes off before the baby is born). Third she had a VBAC at this hospital 2 years ago.

The ACOG has guidelines stating you have to have a physician constantly at the hospital, and 24 hour anesthesiologist availability.

This hospital says they cannot handle the emergency situation that surrounds VBAC. They only employ one anestesiologist and the doctors are only on call, not at the hospital at all hours.

They say they cannot perform the emergency cesareans that sometimes happen with a VBAC.

Am I the only one that sees a problem with this??

Her second child was a placental abruption. A TRUE emergency.

If a hospital cannot handle emergency situations in birth, they should not have an L&D unit at all. Things can happen in birth, and sometimes they can happen fast. If you don’t have the resources for an emergency cesarean for a VBAC, you don’t have the resources for an emergency labor for a mom that has never had a cesarean. It is just facts!!

The one great thing about this entire situation is all the comments on all the newspaper posts. I will only post one, and the more I read it, the more I laugh.

I believe this woman needs some more patient education. I’m a nurse, and I can tell you that delivering vaginally after an emergency c-section is INCREDIBLY dangerous–the patient can bleed out and die, and the baby may not survive. In cases of planned/non-emergency c-sections, yes, VBAC’s can be safe: However, during emergency c-sections, the incision is made differently–vertically instead of horizontally. The uterus cannot handle the contractions that happen during labor after that special incision and can rupture, hence the danger. Either way, it is the mother’s decision in the end and the hospital does need to respect that and be prepared for whatever may happen during labor and delivery. I just hope she and her baby come out of this situation happy and healthy.

Want to hear the best part about this comment?? Most hospitals haven’t done vertical incisions for emergencies in about 20 years. They might do a T or J incision, but in most careers of OBs and Nurses, they might see one or two vertical incisions. And even if it is vertical, if it is made in the lower uterus and not the body of the uterus, you still can have a VBAC!! For being a nurse, she is obviously not one that works in L&D, or she is one of the nurses we hear that know nothing about birth except what OBs tell them.

This woman should not have to go through this. It is HER birth, not the hospitals. I understand that there is a slight risk for a VBAC, but there is a risk for all births, not just VBACs. If you can’t respect a woman wanting to birth her baby how she wants, how can you respect any women in the maternity care of this country??


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  1. That comment made me mad as hell. I wish you could force a website to delete absolute lies some commenters leave. "Incredibly Dangerous?" WTF? SINCE WHEN is a half of one percent chance of something make it "incredibly dangerous." What an idjit.

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