***** Ok, this is purely a venting post! If you don’t care to read, please don’t. I don’t need angry comments in addition to my anger. Thanks!! *****

I have been thinking about VBAC a lot lately, and the more I think about it the angrier I get at our country.

Since when is having unnecessary surgery more safe than doing what your body does naturally?? I understand that we lose fewer women and babies than we did hundreds of years ago, but can you imagine if we lost half the number we did now?

If we cut down the cesarean rate, even by 5%, so many women would be saved from hemorhage, hysterectomy, and death. How great would that be?!

But, even that isn’t my biggest gripe.

My biggest gripe is with VBAC-wanting moms.

I understand that the world is against you. I am not angry with that.

I am angry with women saying they want a VBAC more than anything, and then have a cesarean because they just ‘haven’t gone into labor and I’m overdue’.

If you had a cesarean and haven’t had a labor, your body thinks this is your first baby!! You will labor like a first time mom!!!

And most first time moms are actually due at 41 weeks 5 days…. Not 40 weeks.

But, the biggest thing with it is, if you truly wanted your VBAC, you would have had your VBAC. I understand it isn’t the case with some people, but I am so sick of hearing the ‘educated’ women saying they knew what went wrong with their first pregnancy and they won’t make the same mistake.

And yet, they do because everything was taking ‘too long’.

There is no magical thing to pregnancy!! There is no magical recipe for an easy or short labor!! There is no guarantee in anything in life.

If you have a scheduled repeat cesarean and are upset because you missed your VBAC, please don’t come crying to me. All it does is make me really angry! You SCHEDULED a major surgery without any cause!! You put yourself and your child at risk! It isn’t safe… it’s surgery! It’s fantastic in emergencies when the benefits outweigh the risks, but just scheduling a cesarean is just dumb!!!!!

I know I will feel terrible about being angry about this tomorrow, but for right now, it just upsets me.

Hopefully I didn’t make anyone angry… If so, I’m not really in the mood to care…


2 Responses

  1. Just wanted to share a story with you about a c-section averted! We live in Korea with a very high c-section rate. There is a very natural childbirth friendly OB here that I try to steer all the expat moms towards. One of the moms in my expat parents group went to him and planned a homebirth but baby was breech. I encouraged her to try an ECV with the help of a Korean midwife (ECV saved my VBAC in the US). She did, but it failed. Still, the Korean midwife told her that she would support her in a vaginal breech birth. Baby boy was just born at the hospital with the support of the OB and midwife. Labor was 2 hours!Isn't it great!

  2. Another couple of positive stories: I teach Bradley Method childbirth classes and have had several moms come to me with the desire for VBAC. I educate them in the process, and so far, each one of them have achieved their goals of VBAC in a local hospital with an OB group that also staffs a midwife!! I am so proud. The more mamas who do it, the more mainstream it will become… in my opinion, education is the KEY!

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