Day #3: Husband Coached Childbirth

One of my best friends and her husband took this class while pregnant. (I admit, I was kinda weirded out that someone took a class that wasn’t done at the hospital, but that’s another story.)

She said it was okay, but she knew most of it laready, but her husband said it was fantastic! He learned all he would need to do to help his wife while she was in labor. It turned out to be invaluable, even though she had a really fast labor and a cesarean at the end.

This book was really great. He grew up on a farm, so all his analogies end up going back to animals. How they birth, how they eat, everything. He adapted how animals labor into how women can labor easier than they do. He actually changed hospital birth for the better!!

He is one of the men that is responsible for getting the husband into the labor and delivery room.

But, one of the greatest things about the birthing process he followed was how hands off he was. He let the women do their thing, and was there to deliver their babies. During delivery he was very hands on (which I didn’t like), but after he would give everyone a celebratory glass of ice cold orange juice (which replenishes sugars and other things used during labor) and the women would go home within 2 hours of the birth. Which I think is incredible!!

The only thing I see wrong with his book is how nutritionist it is. 3 chapters are written just on pregnancy nutrition, protein in particular. It seemed too much. I can understand nutrition in pregnancy and it can help a lot of issues, but it got to be a little bit old.

But, all in all, a fantastic book! I would recommend reading this just for the insights he has on natural birthing. So, I would definitely go for it!


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