The Button

So, I had a couple comments on how people can get their own button for their blog, so I decided to share my infinite knowledge…

And by infinite, I mean some other person’s knowledge I used haha.

Caleb made me the picture for the web, and first I saved it onto my photobucket account. They are the best for using online backup sources, and they are the easiest to make a button with.

After that, I went to THIS site and followed the instructions on how to turn my picture into a button.

I did change one step. She says to have a separate html layout for the text, but I just placed it under the picture in the same HTML layout box.

SO, hope to see more buttons around here soon!!!


2 Responses

  1. Completely unrelated to blog buttons…! I don't know how accurate traffic feeds, but I think I've read somewhere that you are from MA. Is that accurate? Curious b/c I am!

  2. Interesting!! I'm originally from UT. but my dad was in the navy so I have lived everywhere. But I don't think I have ever been to MA

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