Fight For Preemies

Today is Fight For the Preemies day hosted by March of Dimes. The US is one of the worst countries in relation to number premature infants and the survival rates of these small blessings. I am not going to get into the topic of why there are so many premature births here, for today is just about educating the public on how they can help the families of premature babies.

So, in honor of today, I would just like to link to my NICU post and also to my daughter’s birth story. The more you know about the NICU and what these amazing doctors and nurses do to help these special babies, the more you can understand and help the ones you know if they are going through this time.


Glade’s Story

There are also some amazing blogs out there that are writing about today, so check out the blog list I have on the right. A lot of the blogs there will be dealing with this heartfelt and hard topic today.


One Response

  1. Thank you for participating in our Fight for Preemies event and helping us get the word out about prematurity. You are spot-on right about the amazing folks that go to work everyday in the NICUs dealing with the ups and downs of the sickest babies. They are all amazing.

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