The Hard Impact of Cesareans

I debated for a few hours about writing this post. I talked to my friend about it, and she helped me decide to write it.

Now, this post is hard for me to write, let alone have you read because of some of the things it says. I don’t want you to think that this post is judging in any way. And this post does not affect everyone and the choices they made or were made for them in their first births.

One of my friends posted a link to an article. This article’s title is “One in Three Women Infertile After Cesarean”. Which jumped out to me like nothing else.

I’ve known for about a year that having a cesarean does impact your future fertility. It’s common sense. You had major abdominal surgery in an organ that carries your children. Even in regular surgeries scar tissue develops. In the uterus, it just impacts other things that just future surgeries.

This article discusses the findings of a study published in the British Journey of Obstetrics and Gynecology. They followed 500 women through their pregnancy and delivery. Of these 500 women, 165 had cesarean deliveries, which is exactly 1 in 3.

The shocking details of these women is that 42.4% of these women did not have any more children after their initial cesarean section. 19% said that they couldn’t go through the pain of surgery again, and 30% said they couldn’t get pregnant again due to secondary infertility (this is infertility that occurs after you have carried one child to term and cannot conceive or carry another to term after).

Now, when women of this country, and the doctors in this country think about cesareans, they think of the risks now. Hemorrhage, cutting the baby, infection, anesthetic stress to the mother, and things like this are what happen in the now that get the most attention. They never think of how that tiny scar could affect your future fertility and whether you will be able to even have more children.

The article lists things that can happen in surgery that can cause future infertility:

  • Excessive scarring of the uterus, preventing an embryo from implanting
  • Severe blood loss which requires the surgeon to remove the woman’s uterus in order to save her life
  • Pelvic infections resulting from surgery, which can block the fallopian tubes and prevent conception
  • Scar tissue can grow over the ovaries, preventing ovulation, and in the fallopian tubes
  • Miscarriages caused by the placenta being unable to embed in the wall of the womb securely
  • Uterine rupture during pregnancy, causing loss of the baby and a life threatening danger to the mother
  • Older age of the mother at the time of her caesarean can push her into subfertility, possibly due to the physical strain of surgery.

Now, none of these may happen to you. I know a few people that have gotten pregnant after cesareans just fine and have gone on to have healthy babies with no trouble. This doesn’t affect everyone.

The problem is, the cesarean rate keeps going up. And with it, the chance of never having more children goes up. Is it truly necessary that 31.8% of women in this country have to have major surgery to deliver their children, when that means that almost a third of those won’t be able to have more?

Now, I know this study doesn’t really mean much. They want thousands more women for studies to prove things, but I think any woman that has complications and cannot have children because of a surgery proves it more. Every woman that has to live with the complications of having an unnecessary or necessary surgery every month when she hasn’t conceived a child needs to be acknowledged.

When will the surgeries end? When 90% of the women in this country have surgery and only 60% can have children? Or even less can have children after?

If you are pregnant for the first time, think really hard about what you want. If you want more children, please don’t consider an elective cesarean. Emergencies are a different matter since you cannot prevent them. But, don’t take the first step to hurting your fertility by signing a waiver to cut your child out of you. It truly isn’t worth it.

The pain of a cesarean lasts a lifetime whereas the pain of labor only lasts until it is finished.


7 Responses

  1. Thank you for posting about this. When I had my C-Sections, I didn't know any of the risks, thank goodness. I was unable to give birth without C-Sections, but I'm so glad, even after many years to learn of the risks, as I have always felt that selective C-Sections must surely have consequences. For the record, I was only able to have three children and that was after a great deal of struggle. ~ YayaYaya's Home

  2. You should also check out the last couple posts on too!

  3. You know I have to chime in as the antagonist here. I don't buy some of those stats. If fear of pain from the surgery keeps women from having more, the pain of birth would too. It's not like there is a pain free way to get the baby out. I am dealing with infertility after 3 csections but I do not think they are related at all. My fertility problems happened after a premature vaginal birth. I have no scar tissue (at least effecting my uterus, tubes or ovaries). Michelle Duggar has had several c-sections and it hasnt seemed to bother her fertility! lol

  4. It doesn't say it happens to all women. And I was just putting it out there as something to think about. I know that my scar tissue is what is causing my infertility. As it did my mom.Some people are just different with surgery and the outcomes from it.

  5. It doesn't happen to all women, but it does happen, several studies have shown this. You can take it or leave it but it doesn't change it.

  6. It doesn't happen to all women, but it does happen, several studies have shown this. You can take it or leave it but it doesn't change it.

  7. I wish that more people understood that having a c-section is having a major surgery. I have a friend who has had 3 – first baby was breech & they couldn't turn her, 2nd she was in labor all night w/0 progress & third was scheduled. After the third they told her that because of the scarring etc. it would be dangerous for her to ever get pregnant again.

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