The Q & A Post!

I’ve been blogging for ~10 months, give or take, and this is my 200th post!!! AHHHH!! I can’t believe I have that much to say lol!!

SO, now I will give you a chance to question me. You can ask ANY question you like! I’ll be out of town this weekend, so instead of the usual birth story on Monday, I am going to answer your questions instead (here’s to hoping I get questions haha).

Just ask your question(s) in the comments, and be prepared to know more about me than you ever thought possible.


3 Responses

  1. Why did you decide you want to be a doula?

  2. What is the process for becoming a doula? How do you manage being a doula if you have kids of your own (I imagine it must be difficult having to keep odd hours, depending on when are laboring)?

  3. What do you know about fertility supplements? I know you know a lot about alot, so I thought I'd ask what your thoughts are on taking the herbal route opposed to common fertility treatments….

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