SpongeBob and Birth

I see birth in everything. On signs, in books, in movies…. Just everywhere.

My daughter discovered SpongeBob SquarePants and we have the movie so we watch it a lot.

As I was watching it a few times, one part kept standing out to me and I finally figured out why.

I am probably one of the few that has seen this movie, but I saw birth.

When SpongeBob and Patrick have to go to Shell City to get back King Neptune’s crown (a town where no one comes back if they go there), they reach a point where they realize they are too scared and too kidlike to go on. They turn around.

King Neptune’s daughter Mindy finds them and ‘turns them into men’ so they can finish the quest. She actually just puts seaweed on them like mustaches but they think it is real and so they have no more fear.

They go into a trench and aren’t scared of the monsters or anything. But, when the man that is chasing them tells them the mustaches are a lie, they lose their confidence.

I saw women and birth.

Women are so confident in their daily lives. They know what they want and go for it.

Except in pregnancy and birth.

Once women are pregnant, they are scared.

Scared of labor, of birth, of tearing, the pain, and hand over their care to ‘qualified professionals’.

When you tell a woman she can do it and help her find the strength she didn’t know she has, she changes.

She is like SpongeBob with his mustache. Nothing can stop her. She is invicible!

She is strong. She is capable. She is amazing.

Take this away and you have a woman that is terrified of what will happen again. Worried she will fail.

Women need to be empowered, not controlled. They need to be supported, not pushed around.

Women, birth is such an amazing process. Learn how you can work with it to become the woman you never knew you could be.

Be the phrase ‘I am woman, hear me roar!’

You have an intense power within you that shouldn’t be controlled. That is purely you. Seize it with both hands, and hang on for the ride!!


2 Responses

  1. I commented from my blackberry the other day but I dont think it went through! I just wanted to say thank you for this post! I'm 38 weeks and due Feb 8th! I had a c-section with my first daughter 2 years ago due to a failed induction, I wasnt progressing. I am going for a VBAC this time, and am so anxious and nervous…your last 4 sentences of this post speak to me, thank you. I know I can do it, it is purely me! 🙂

  2. really insightful post!

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