Birth Story #41

This one had me crying for a few days (I stayed awake on twitter waiting for updates and everything)

She did end up with an unnecessary cesarean because her seven pound baby wouldn’t “fit”.

I think this is one story where some women will scratch their head and say “Yes, but you should have chosen your care provider better” or “The baby probably wouldn’t have fit”. Those women, obviously happy in their ignorance, should not comment on her birth. There is a lot to be learned just from this one birth, and I am positive I learned at least a dozen new things. I hope other pregnant women or birth professionals look at this birth and learn a few things too.

She is an incredibly strong woman, and she is going to help a lot of women just sharing her story.

It is in five parts, but it is all on her birth story page, so I will just link it to there.

Baby Dickey’s Birth Story


5 Responses

  1. Oh, goodness – that birth story was so sad it brought me to the point of tears! What a sad experience for that poor mama.

  2. thank you, kayce 🙂 reading about my own story still always makes me cry a bit, but i'm glad to be helping others! thanks for passing it on

  3. Kendra's birth made me sooo mad. Like u said, a c-section did not need to happen! Why women still remain soo ignorant on their rights as a patient is beyond me!

  4. My pregnancy went to exactly 42 weeks. I never had an ultrasound and never let a doctor tell me the baby was “getting too big,” but I tell you: As a first-time mom, I was getting a little nervous.

    Two words from my wise Hypnobabies instructor saved me. After explaining that the primary difference between a 40 week baby and a 42 week baby is just some extra fat, she smiled and said “fat squishes.”

    What a sad story. Thanks for bringing awareness to this.

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