Homebirth Tuesday: Would It Change Your Choice?

Lately, I have been thinking about the women that choose homebirth for their first baby, and if a bad homebirth could make them change to the hospital for their next babies.

***This post is not directed at anyone, I am just thinking out loud***
So, I believe that women that choose a homebirth for their first babies are more informed and better understand the birth process than those that birth in the hospital. I think it is because they take more responsibility for their care, since it is in their own home, and informed consent and refusal are used better and more wisely.
Now, I am not saying this is the case everywhere. Sometimes there are circumstances that make it so you cannot have a homebirth, even if you want one. This is just a generalization.
So, what if your homebirth goes wrong? You end up being transfered, something is missed, or something bad happens to the baby? Would you still stay with your first choice?
If something went terribly wrong, would you just go to the hospital, the savior of women and infants, the next time you have a baby? Would it be out of fear of having the same thing happen? Or would it be out of informed choice and refusal?
Would you choose a medicalized birth over your natural birth because of what happened? Would you go as far as scheduling a cesarean to be on the safe side?
It all comes down to hypothetical situations, unless you have been there. So, would you change yourself out of fear, or keep on the path of least resistance?
**I know this post is mainly questions, and I am sorry for that. I just think better and answer better when I have thought outloud, which is what my blog is for**

7 Responses

  1. For my first child's birth in August, I had a homebirth turned hospital transfer turned c-section. (I'd love to share my birth story with you someday, just for your take.)As I lay on the operating table, I knew in my heart that I would never intentionally do this to myself again. I couldn't understand how people CHOSE that. The next day, I told my midwife that I'd be calling her to attend my HBAC sometime in 2011.Even with how difficult laboring at home was with this birth, I would absolutely do it again. The hospital was DEFINITELY not for me.

  2. As you know, I had a hospital birth. Out of fear of going through that again, I want a homebirth for my second– exactly what you are saying, but I'm going the opposite direction. But…. I think a homebirth is what I should have done the first time. And if it had gone badly and I ended up in the hospital, I don't think it'd scare me away from doing it again– I think it'd make me want to try even harder the next time for a successful homebirth. My csec has made me want to try more than ever for a vaginal birth- not scared me away from it. Great post 🙂

  3. I had a natural hospital birth attended by a midwife in a birth tub and I would do it again in a second!It makes me sad to see people say that "natural" birth MUST be at home and is diametrically opposed to hospital birth. I think a lot of people, my husband included, are not comfortable with the idea of being at home, but they still want a beautiful, natural birth. To hear that the only way to have a natural birth is at home, then, stops these people from researching their area hospitals for csec rates and natural-friendly perspectives, as I did. I think to have a natural birth in a hospital actually takes "more responsibility for [your] care" than to do it at home. You have to have a plan and strong advocates and complete confidence in your body. All of those things combined gave me my ideal birth – in a hospital!Don't get me wrong, if my husband were comfortable (and maybe he will be someday) with a home birth, I would pray about it and probably have one. I think it is AMAZING. But I also think acting like you can't be responsible for your care and have a natural birth unless you are at home is damaging to some women who, like me, find themselves unable to have a home birth but still desperately want to do it naturally.I hope that came across properly! Homebirths are absolutely beautiful, but hospital birth doesn't have to be some crazy, medically intervened, unnatural mess.

  4. This is an interesting thought experiment! I really hope that if there are any women out there who had a Home birth go awry they will comment on whether they would do a Home birth again (like your first comment above!). This hasn't happened to me, but I would love to see women saying that even if they had to be transferred from a home birth they would still try for a home birth again no matter what. That it was still less traumatic than a hospital birth, etc.

  5. My sister had a homebirth turn hospital birth with her second baby and for her 3rd baby she was adamant about having it at the hospital. She had morphine, an epidural and pitocin, was able to deliver vaginally and is very happy with her decision. When she found out she was pregnant we talked about her options, she thought about the birth center where I had Lucy. I hate to say it but I did talk her out of it, the birth center is not like a hospital, it was the same as having you baby at home, no epi, no drugs. I knew she didn't care or not if she had a natural birth, and was no support to me when I chose the center so I told her to have it at the hospital. She quickly agreed. I'm glad she did because I know she would have turned into a transfer, she just doesn't feel safe outside of the hospital and that fear would have been there throughout her whole birth. You have to trust your body! Personally, if I had a homebirth turn transfer I *think* I would still want future homebirths, because I trust the birth process and believe if a complication arises I will go to the hospital, but if it didn't I would prefer to be at home where I feel the safest.

  6. Allison said It makes me sad to see people say that "natural" birth MUST be at home and is diametrically opposed to hospital birth.While I see your point, in my area, we still have doctors telling laboring women that if they're not lying down during labor its dangerous to the baby. You can't guarantee that you'll get your doctor when you're in labor, so even if you have a pretty good doctor, if I walked into my local hospital in labor, I might be told I had to stay flat in a bed. Some women might be able to have a natural birth under those circumstances, but not me. I know I couldn't endure laboring on my back. During my 25 hour homebirth labor with my first, lying down during contractions was horrible. I had to keep upright and moving.

  7. I attempted a home birth with my first baby and we ended up in the hospital after 3.5 hours of pushing with no sign of baby being born. The baby was posterior and stuck. Midwife didn't diagnose he was posterior! I was really lucky I was still able to have a vaginal birth. There was no anesthetist so c-section wasn't really an immediate option. The OB manually turned the babies head, used the vacuum and then he was born. It was a very difficult birth. I would still try for a homebirth for my second though! But I would chose a different birthing team including a different midwife. We had some post-partum issues as well. My son had a tongue tie and couldn't breastfeed properly but it was never diagnosed and I spent 1 month depressed I didn't have enough milk and then another 2 months pumping 2 hours a day to get my milk up until we gave up bottles and went to the sippy cup we were never able to breastfeed only and I had to continually pump to keep up my supply. Things are good now though and I am looking forward to the birth of my second.

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