The Diva!

About a month and a half ago, right before my last period, I was discussing options for how women deal with their menstrual flow.

**If the thought of this topic grosses you out, then just stop reading**
I used to use tampons, but after I had Glade they hurt and I couldn’t put them in or take them out without crying from pain. So, I switched to heavy pads.
Now, I hate pads. They smell, you can feel them, it is like you are wearing a diaper, and I never considered cloth pads as an option. (Now I totally want some haha).
Anyway, we were discussing options, and one of my best twitter friends (@birthroutes, you know it is you 🙂 ), said she uses the Diva Cup. I had seen it in the health food store, but I didn’t want to spend $40 on something I didn’t like.
So, we talked about it in length, and I ended up buying one from amazon for $25.
It got here right after my period ended last cycle, so I had it sitting my cupboard for a month before I could use it.
I did give it a few ‘dry’ runs (when I say dry, I mean I used olive oil to smooth the way in and out) so I knew how to insert it and how to take it out when Dday eventually got here.
The Diva does have a learning curve. You have to try different methods of how to get it in and out before you find one that works best for you, but once you figure it out, it becomes second nature.
When my period showed up this month, instead of wallowing and being sad, I was actually really excited, just because I finally got to use my diva!
I didn’t know how long I could go without a leak or it filling, especially since my first day of my period is really heavy, and the others are barely a trickle, so I tried different times for empty.
The first night, I had it in for about 10 hours, and right when I was about to change it, it did leak. Which is partly my fault because I did push it till 10 hours and thought I could keep going. It was pretty full, so I wasn’t surprised.
The next time, I had it in for about 5 hours, and it was barely half full so I decided to go a little longer with the next. I had it in for 8 hours and zero leaks and it went beautifully.
My second overnight try, it was in for 12 hours, and barely anything was in it. (I bleed less at night than during the day, and since it is now day 2, I will bleed less and less).
So far, I have had the one leak, but that is my fault for not changing it soon enough.
I couldn’t have tampons because they hurt and I could feel them even if I got them in the right place.
This time, I put in the diva (zero pain on insertion) and I cannot feel it when it is in. I go about my day, and about 8 to 10 hours later I take it out, wash it with hot water, then reinsert it.
I can take it out in seconds and reinsert it in seconds.
Seriously, I am in love.
During my cycle, I just rinse with hot water to get all the blood and such off before I put it back in, but in-between my cycles, I am going to wash it with castille soap (a vegan soap that smells wonderful and washes even better), and then every few cycles I will boil it to sanitize.
Other than that, you store it until next time.
I did wear a backup pad for the first day just in case I hadn’t inserted it right, but after the first time and no leaks, I just did away with the pad, and am so much happier.
I truly do not even notice I am on my period now. I can go to the bathroom without feeling it, I can take a shower or a bath without feeling icky, I can do anything I want and I truly do not even remember sometimes that my period has come.
There are two models of the Diva Cup. The first model is for women under 30 that have never given birth, whether vaginal or cesarean, and the second model is for women older than 30 or women that have given birth, whether vaginal or cesarean. I was skeptical I would need the bigger model since I did have a cesarean delivery, but it is just a little bigger than the other model, and I am so glad I got it.
My bleeding is much heavier since Glade was born, so I am positive they bring that into effect when designing these models.
If you are tired of what you are using during your period, I would definitely check out the Diva Cup. I don’t think I will ever go back to using pads, except after birth.
I truly am in love and wonder how I didn’t know about this amazing product.

7 Responses

  1. Thanks for writing this. I can't wait until pay day 🙂

  2. I tried the mooncup which is similar, I personally had a lot of problems with it but I'm glad you got a good experience from it ! 🙂 xxx

  3. Yay! Thanks for this review! I really hate wearing pads, and tampons irritate me. I can't wait to get a Diva Cup and try it. My only worry is the leaking, but it's sound like you aren't having too many issues with that. I'll just have to try and learn, I hope I love it too!

  4. I love my Diva Cup. I've used it for about 18 months now with no problems. I think whatyou said about insertion and removing can take a bit of practise, but once you get it down it's easy as.

  5. I ❤ my cup. You're right, it does take getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, there's so much freedom to be had! And now I have an accurate understanding of what a normal period is, courtesy the measurement markers on the cup.

  6. I’m so so glad you love your cup!

    I love mine so so much.

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