My New Favorite Thing

Last night was the prenatal for our new client.  She is 38 weeks pregnant and has dropped her OB and chosen a homebirth.

Her last baby she had also chosen a homebirth, but it was managed and not let to “just happen”.  Her homebirth midwife stripped her membranes twice, had her on large quantities of evening primrose oil, and the woman was downing gallons of cohosh so she went into labor and didn’t disappoint her midwife.  She ended up in the hospital for failure to progress, with pitocin and an epidural.  This time, she wants it to be different.

We had about an hour and a half long prenatal visit (which was absolutely wonderful!) and she asked a lot of questions, and overall she is very informed about what she wants.  She is very excited to see what happens when the body is left to its own devices and cannot wait to have her baby do the breast crawl (video will be posted tomorrow).

We talked for about an hour, and then it was time to take a listen to the baby and feel the position.

I have always been amazed at how Christy can feel everything and know everything just from palpating a belly.  I was so very excited to learn how to do this.

She felt it first, and when she went to go get something, she had me feel the belly and see what I could feel.

I fell in love instantly!!

I was able to feel the baby’s butt, follow the spine and then feel the back of the baby’s head.  And I knew what I was feeling!!

The baby is in the best position for birth (left occiput anterior) and is moving beautifully!  When we tried to find the heartbeat on the doppler, she did not want to sit still.

I am so excited we are going to have a birth in the next month.  With how uncomfortable she is getting, I don’t think she will go over 41 weeks.  I am praying for a Spring Break baby so Blake isn’t in class haha.

I think it is amazing how many providers don’t palpate a belly to figure out fluid, where the baby is, how the baby reacts, and everything else you can tell with your hands.

It is truly very easy, and I think it is the most amazing thing!  I am truly in love!!


2 Responses

  1. I’m so excited for you! I think it’s so cool how you can feel everything too. I never knew what I was feeling but I knew I was feeling something! I was the same girl that couldn’t make things out on the sonogram though lol. I can’t wait to hear about this when she has the baby!

  2. I love palpitating bellies too, isn’t it just the best. It’s like this little secret, our hands on their belly, a little convo with the baby and how it is in the womb. So amazing.

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