Today Has Been One Year…

I started this blog exactly a year ago.  Time sure flies, doesn’t it?

Everyday I try to remember how I thought about birth a year ago.  I try to envision how I have changed and how truly crunchy I have become.  And everyday I just can’t truly remember how I thought a year ago.

I am truly amazed at how blessed I am that I found my calling and have such an amazing passion for what I do.  I truly love the entire process of it all and cannot get enough of it.

When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than to join the Navy and become an ER Doctor.  Then when I was in ninth grade, I decided I wanted to be a history teacher.  This lasted until I had my daughter and I quit school and stayed home until I could figure out what I want.

Now I know what I want to be.  I learn about an amazing process the woman’s body does on its own every day and I truly cannot get enough.

I am excited I have been sharing my views on this process and the process of motherhood for an entire year now.  I doubt I have made much difference, but I truly love sharing it.

I have changed so much in the last year it amazes even me.

I have become one of those women I thought was completely crazy.

I am anti-circumcision, pro-clothdiapers, pro-attachment parenting, anti-CIO, pro-natural birth, pro-homebirth, pro-doula, anti-most vaccines, pro-homeopathy, pro-aromatherapy, pro-herbal, and so many other things I cannot even name.

It has been a busy year haha.  Hope I get to have 50 more 🙂


One Response

  1. Horray for making it to ONE YEAR!!

    Your blog is such an inspiration. I look forward to reading more all the time.


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