Giveaway #2: Be Nice!

First, the winners of my first giveaway! The memberships to Natural Transitions go to…..

Drumroll please!!


Winner #1 is comment 37: Amber or @birthroutes on twitter!

Winner #2 is comment 4: Emily or @babydickey on twitter!

Congrats to the both of you, and I will email you the certificates!!!


Alright, so for giveaway #2 we have an amazing product!!

I found this product about six months ago when one of my twitter friends suggested I be friends with one of the women with this company.  I ordered free samples, and was amazed at how great they were.

So, for giveaway number 2, we have Be Nice Prenatal vitamins!

These amazing vitamins are in powder form, then you mix them in a water bottle.  No pills to swallow, and it is easier on the stomach than the giant elephant prenatal pills you get at the Pharmacy.

The vitamin packet contains all natural vitamins and minerals so you aren’t ingesting any weird chemicals when trying to get pregnant, pregnant, or breastfeeding.  Which is a definite plus!

The best part about these vitamins is that each packet is 1/4 of the vitamins you need in a day.  So you can take up to 4 packets in one day without worrying about overdosing on vitamins haha.  And it is also great for women that are unable to keep vitamins down (women like me) and need something besides a bulky pill that isn’t good on your system.

There are two flavors, lemonade and berrylicious!  Which both just sound so exciting!

When I received my samples about six months ago, I tried the lemonade first.  I am not much of a lemonade fan, so I had my doubts about the taste (I much prefer limeade haha).  It exceeded my expectations!  The lemonade was very good!  I did think it had a little bit more sour taste than actual lemonade, but it was a lot better than I thought it would be.  Then I had the berrylicious and fell in love!  It didn’t have the sour taste the lemonade had and I loved to drink it ice cold, straight out of the fridge!

Each box of Be Nice Prenatal comes with 10 vitamin packets, so you can have one a day for 10 days, or mix it up a little!

So, just for my awesome blog readers, I am giving away one box to two winners!  The best part: If you win,  you get to choose which flavor you would like!

And just as a clarification: Each entry is a separate comment! And in each comment (if I don’t know your name) leave your twitter name or email.

So, how to enter:

  • Leave a comment explaining why you would like the vitamins!

Extra entries:

  • Blog about this giveaway for 3 extra entries (link to your post in one of the three comments)
  • Tweet about this – Simply use “I am trying to win a box of @BeNicePrenatal on @heartsandhandss blog at ” (2x per day)
  • Become a fan of Hearts And Hands Services on Facebook (if you already are, it still counts here)
  • Follow me on twitter @heartsandhandss
  • Become a follower of @BeNicePrenatal on twitter
  • Comment on another post of mine (not giveaway related and one extra entry per comment)
  • Recommend a post topic for me to write about

This giveaway will end March 10th at 11:59 MST and winners will be posted on March 11th.

Winners will be chosen through

Good luck!!


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  1. We’re TTC, so that’s what I’d like to win 🙂


  2. i follow you on twitter (marfmom)

  3. i follow beniceprenatal (marfmom)

  4. i am a FB fan (marfmom)

  5. I follow be nice prenatal on twitter and have heard wonderful things about the product.

  6. I love the flavor of these. I want to win!!!!

  7. I’m a FB fan.

  8. Thank you for the giveaway, I still cannot believe I won!

  9. How about a topic of Mother Blessings: A Baby Shower Alternative.

  10. I made a comment on another. I’m SO going to win!

  11. I would love these vitamins because I’m in my first trimester and every vitamin I’ve tried has upset my stomach. 😦 Plus, I LOVE lemonade!

  12. I’m a FB fan.

  13. I tweeted @EditorJoy

  14. I follow @BeNicePrenatal on twitter

  15. i tweeted:

  16. Made another comment. Does a second one count?

  17. so this stuff tastes great! i love that it gives me a vitamin boost and it keeps me from drinking soft drinks when i am wanting something other than water to drink, craving something a little sweet

  18. your facebook fan

  19. your twitter follower

  20. be nice’s twitter follower

  21. some things to write about sorry if you already have– the importance of skin to skin after birth, use of evening primrose oil to soften cervix and does it really help, use of castor oil to bring on contractions and dangers therein, pregnancy after 35 how to ensure a healthy one

  22. I would LOVE a juice drink that has my prenatal in it! I gag on pills ! ICK

  23. I follow @beniceprenatal on twitter. I’m @greenchicmama

  24. I’d love to have a box of Be Nice Prenatal vitamins because I’ve already tried a small sample and they really do taste great.

    Also I’m 18 weeks pregnant and I have had such a struggle with regular prenatal vitamins – I’ve tried 5 different kinds of pills and they all make me throw up. I would love a way to get vitamins in a form that doesn’t make me violently ill and that doesn’t contain a bunch of gross additives.

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