Birth Story #43

I found an amazing site dedicated to LDS women and their births.  I love going through and reading all their birth stories and all about what they are doing.

I found this birth and was in awe of the beautiful way it was written.

The Gift of Giving Life

I love this section:

I didn’t remember being graceful. I thought I had lost it. Later, when watching my birth video I realized that I was indeed graceful. (Another good reason to film your birth—you don’t remember it accurately).

I had also wondered, afterward, if we really needed to go to the hospital—If I could have done it at home, but in the birth video, I saw that when she came out, Dr. C unwound the cord from her neck, and she was a little blue when she first came out. So, while I could have done it at home, I know that my indecision about getting her out or keeping her in would have likely dragged things out and hurt her.

Looking back on the whole saga, I realize that what I was feeling must be how Heavenly Father feels. He knows we need a body, but once we come here, we are exposed to all the temptations and weaknesses of the flesh. He can’t protect us anymore–well, he can, but only as much as we let him.

Becoming a parent has brought me so much closer to understanding Heavenly Father and how much he loves us. I’m so grateful my little girl chose to come to me and I am so grateful that my body did everything it needed to do. It is truly divine. I am truly divine.

As parents, once you learn you cannot control every little thing, all the blessings flow right down. From birth until they grow up, they are their own people and come into the world as they see fit.


2 Responses

  1. I love reading stories of someone birth that betters their lives, makes them more alive, closer to something divine. So lovely, even from a non-religious gal I can see such strength and connection this woman must feel from her birth.


  2. Oh where is the site? I wish you had linked! Please do 🙂

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