Giveaway #3: The Complete Illustrated Pregnancy Companion

Alright, to start off the post, here are the winners of the Be Nice Prenatal giveaway!!

Winner #1: Comment #7: Brenda!!

Winner #2: Comment #31: @reesemcg!

Congrats! I’ve let the company know you won, and an email is incoming to you 🙂


And now onto my third and final giveaway!  This one I am actually so excited about!!!

If you follow @RobinPregnancy, you have probably been to her website or heard of her book!  Both of which are incredible resources for pregnant women! I just love both :).

First, her website.  If you go here, you can find out all the good stuff for yourself, but I want to break it down.  She is one of the writers for, and writes all about pregnancy and does a week by week section, similar to pregnancy week by week (but not as medicalized in my opinion).

She has written about everything you could possibly think to ask.  She writes in an easy to understand way, and puts all the information you might need out there for you to understand and make your own informed decision.

Her book is along the same lines.  The one thing I love about it is that it is an illustrated companion for pregnancy.  I love looking at pictures, and I think they help show size of the baby and many other things during pregnancy that women might have questions about.  And sometimes, baby center isn’t specific enough :).

This fully illustrated pregnancy guide gives an expectant mothers week-by-week information on their body and the child’s physical development; and then explains what they should do at each week of pregnancy for an optimally healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby. A chapter is devoted to each week of pregnancy and covers everything readers need to know including, baby’s size, mother’s size, what’s normal in terms of physical symptoms and development, and what could indicate a potentially serious problem.  This chapter by chapter makes it easy to jump to where you are in your pregnancy, plus it makes it so you only have to read a little at a time and aren’t inundated with information.  Nutritional, exercise, and lifestyle advice, tips on treating common pregnancy discomforts like morning sickness and sciatica, and pregnancy do’s and don’ts, ensure a happy and healthy mother and baby.

Another really great feature is it has a checklist at the beginning of each week to say what should be done and to remind you things you might forget.  It has what things you should specifically look for that week to indicate if things are ok or if there are problems, and I know being a newly pregnant woman going through it for the first time can be scary.

This book truly does help keep things in perspective without scaring you like What To Expect books.  It has all the key points of each week, and in a very easy layout.

So, for this giveaway, I am giving away a free autographed copy of this book.  And as a bonus, you get to pick the inscription you would like her to write and then sign!

Now, each entry is a separate comment and if I don’t know who you are, please leave either your twitter account or email in one of your comments.

So, to enter:

  • Comment saying what you *might* have her write as an inscription

For extra entries:

  • Blog about this giveaway for 3 extra entries (link to your post in one of the three comments)
  • Tweet about this – Simply use “I am trying to win a copy of @RobinPregnancy’s book at @heartsandhandss blog, check it out here! ” (2x per day)
  • Become a fan of Hearts And Hands Services on Facebook (if you already are, it still counts here)
  • Follow me on twitter @heartsandhandss
  • Become a follower of @RobinPregnancy on twitter
  • Comment on another post of mine (not giveaway related and one extra entry per comment)
  • Recommend a post topic for me to write about
  • Visit her site and say one thing you really liked about it

This giveaway will end on March 16th at 11:59 pm MST and I will post the winner on March 17th.

Winner will be chosen via!

Good luck!!


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  1. oh wow i am super excited about this! um, i hope this would not set the inscription in stone, but i would ask for something like “from one MPH to another” or something like that.

    marfmom at gmail dot com

  2. i am a facebook fan

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  3. a follow you on twitter (marfmom)

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  4. i follow robin on twitter (marfmom)

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  5. i’d love to see posts about how your doula certification is going (once you start), and whether you do learn anything new/whether you think it’s worth it.

    marfmom at gmail dot com

  6. right now i’m loving robin’s article: 10 Reasons to Choose VBAC

    marfmom at gmail dot com

  7. To Brenda,
    You are one SPECIAL lady.

  8. haha I like Brenda’s idea, and I’m going to second it for my entry 🙂

    I already follow you on twitter and everything, how many entries do I get for that?! 🙂

  9. i tweeted:

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  10. Warm wishes and happy doulaing!

  11. i tweeted: (2nd time today)

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  12. I follow on FB.

  13. Hope this comes at the perfect time for you,
    From Robin.

  14. (done)Become a fan of Hearts And Hands Services on Facebook (if you already are, it still counts here)

    (done!)Follow me on twitter @heartsandhandss

    (re-followed, thanks. Somehow she got the boot by mistake) Become a follower of @RobinPregnancy on twitter

  15. If you click the @ symbol next to @RobynPregnancy link, it takes you to Julie Cottle. Just a wee FYI.

  16. I really liked Robyn’s St. Patricks Day name guide, being Irish and looking into mainly Irish names for your one-day-baby.

  17. I suggest you tell us about living in Berlin! Do you speak German? Favourite thing about it? How long you lived there? etc

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  31. #2 I blogged.

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  33. I really enjoyed the baby shower ideas on Robin’s page (of course 🙂 )

  34. Topic Ideas: How about parenting tips from good books/authors, things to keep toddlers entertained/learning, or different ways to go about potty training. Things like that. Good luck to ME!

  35. i commented on “today’s birth”

  36. i commented on “birth story #43”

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  41. All I want is luck for our next pregnancy, having lost two already – wishing us the best of luck is all I would ask to be written!

  42. I am following you on twitter (emilyisland)

  43. I am following @RobinPregnancy on twitter too (emilyisland)

  44. I loved that there is a section for getting pregnant on her site, and it’s got SO much information!

  45. I tweeted!

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  47. I left a comment on birth trauma.

  48. Will you let me use one of my multiple topic idea’s as another entry cuz you love me? 🙂

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