Birth Trauma is Real – For Mom AND Baby

My midwife went to the Trust Birth conference and came back with amazing ideas and said they watched a movie about Birth Trauma.

The movie they watched I can’t afford to buy, but they have one on youtube that is about the same thing.

I only got about 4 minutes in before I was crying and had to turn it off.

I didn’t realize this is how a lot of babies are born. The worst part is I think I knew, but didn’t want to admit I know.

My incision is super tiny (MAYBE 4 inches across) and I think this is how Glade was born. Which just makes me so sick.

Did you watch how your child was delivered? If they did this to your baby, you need to switch doctors. Not only is it traumatic, it can cause spinal and brain and cranial damage which may or may not be diagnosed that day or in their life.

***This movie is graphic, so if you don’t want to see a baby being pulled by the head and other things, please don’t watch***


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  1. I really can’t stand to watch babies being pulled out by their heads (I think it’s called head traction). It just seems so unnecessary in an uncomplicated birth, and it’s unfortunate that so many homebirth midwives do this as well. I get excited when I see the rare youtube birth video where the baby is allowed to be born spontaneously.

  2. Ok, I only got through 2 1/2 minutes. How is it ok to pump a baby’s head back and forth like that?! I’m not going to lie…knowing that I’d have to have an epidural and assisted delivery if I want a VBAC, this makes me wonder if it wouldn’t be easier on the baby if I went through a 2nd c-section.

    • Weird question, but why would you need an assisted delivery? An epidural can hinder pushing, but if you are allowed to labor down after you are fully dilated, the baby can actually be born just from your uterus pushing the baby out. A lot of hypnobabies moms don’t ever push, they just let their body push for them.

  3. I replied on Twitter, but basically a woman with Marfan needs to not feel pain b/c pain raises the blood pressure. Pushing is an isometric exercise, which puts pressure on the aorta as well and can cause it to dissect (tear). Women in labor are at greater risk than normal for dissection. However, my insurance covers an alternative medicine center, where I’m currently receiving acupuncture, and I found out my doc also does hypnosis. So, once I get my BFP I was going to ask her about hypnobirthing. Sounds like you think it might help even with having an epidural…?

    • Ah ok, that makes sense! And I really think it could help you. You will learn how to relax, even if you feel pain or pressure, and let your body do its own thing. If you let your body push for you (which it does automatically), it is a little slower going, but your baby will come down a little slower and you are so much less likely to tear since everything has time to expand.

      And since you are getting an epidural, you won’t feel the complete need to push like women who go natural or things like that. And since you probably won’t feel any of the pain from pushing like the burning or anything, you are more likely to be able to truly just breathe your baby down.

      There is a video on youtube, I’ll find it for you, that is a woman breathing her baby down and out. She is natural in the water, but she never pushes.

  4. The video has been removed by Youtube, what a shame.

  5. Didn’t want to watch anyway as I am sure it would pretty much look like my birth and I am still traumatized (my daughter is now 8) . They cut me (ended in 4th degree tear) and also pulled my daughter using something that looked like a toilet plunger. I took her straight to the chiropractor as soon as I got out of hospital. Thanks for the post – I don’t this subject gets discussed enough.

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