Adventures in Bookstores

Now, I can be considered an eccentric a lot of the time.  I am very fanatical about birth and women and pretty much everything surrounding that.  If you know me in real life, I rarely have anything to talk about that doesn’t have to deal with birth.  And I know I annoy the crap out of my friends with it, but I can’t stop talking about it all the time.

One of my second favorite things in life though is books.  I love how books smell and I absolutely love visiting bookstores.  Except when they have a TERRIBLE pregnancy and birth section.

There is a bookstore where I live that carries all the good books I adore and only a couple of the bad ones, which I absolutely love.  But sometimes, a Barnes and Noble trip is fun.

Only problem, they whore out the books I absolutely hate for pregnant women to read and buy.  Books like the What To Expect series, Babywise, and the Week By Week books.

SO, I have come up with a plan.

Now, that middle row in the picture used to be What To Expect When Expecting.  There were at least 50 copies of that awful book and the books I love had one copy each.  Maybe two if I was lucky.

Whenever I go to book stores, no matter which ones, I ALWAYS hide all of the What To Expect Books and the Babywise books.

They are so popular and I truly don’t understand why.  I guess if you are very medically minded, it makes sense to have a medically minded book, but why read that trash?

This is the kickoff of my “What To Expect” Series.  It is the books I believe are so much better than that awful series, and why I truly hate that horrible book.

First post will come tomorrow, so keep your eyes open!


6 Responses

  1. Great idea to hide the baby wise books! I never read the What to Exoect books. My doc gave me a free book that was good, and I got a free one from State Farm. Neother book was good enough for me to remember what they were called

  2. This cracks me up! I love the books you covered them with, too! ‘Your Best Birth.’ is a good one, I’ve heard (but never read). I think it’s a great idea.

    When we told our neighbor that I was pregnant, she came over with her ‘what to expect’ books – expecting, first year, and toddler years. Her kids are grown (they were old books, maybe 2nd edition?) and she said I could keep them. Ha!

    I thanked her, then immediately went and put them on a shelf where they will collect dust until I recycle them someday.

    • Haha, that’s awesome!! Your Best Birth is really good. Very basic but has tons of information, and I really love it for women that are still just learning and are curious about birth and how it works

  3. I’ve done this too!
    I went into B&N to find books for doula training and found that every single “outward facing” book on the shelf was WTEWYE! And they didn’t even have all the books on my reading list! I was so annoyed that I switched out most of the What to Expect books with others 🙂

    • Way to be!! I got like 5 good birth books there, and now I just go to see if maybe they have one I need. Never do, so I just switch the books up haha

  4. Girl I agree with you those books are awful.

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