I Need Prayers

I wasn’t going to announce this on my blog so soon, especially before our families know, but something has speeded up the process.

Last Saturday I got a positive pregnancy test.  It put me at almost five weeks.  We are thrilled and I am due a little after Christmas.

Last night, I started bleeding.  It wasn’t spotting, it was about as heavy as my period.

This morning the cramps started.

I called the hospital and no one would get me in for an ultrasound or anything more than labs because I’m so early, and labs won’t tell me anything for a couple days, so I just decided to stay home and watch it.

I have put myself on rest today and possibly tomorrow, but me and my little bean need a lot of prayers.

I know that if I am losing the baby it was meant to happen, but I would love to be able to keep it.

So, I am considering myself pregnant until proven otherwise.

Thank you all in advance for your thoughts and prayers, and I truly do feel all the love that everyone is sending me.

I promise to keep everyone updated as often as I can.

Thank you again!


Still bleeding tonight, but the cramps are gone after having some really bad back pain.  If anyone knows what is going on here, I would love ideas:

The blood is really dark, not bright red like new blood.  I had some tiny clots, about the size of pin heads, and about half of the stuff coming out is mucous.

I don’t know what is going on, but would love some ideas, if that makes sense.  I am worried to hope, but that is all I have left.

Thank you again for all your help, and love, and support!  It truly means the world to me.


I took a test this morning, and the second line was darker than the one last Saturday (tho that isn’t hard, the one last Saturday was barely a line haha).  The bleeding has slowed, but I always slow at night, so hopefully it stays slowing.  I don’t have cramps anymore, so maybe I’m in the clear.

I know it is crazy to hope, but again, I am going to say I am pregnant until I am proven otherwise!

Thank you all again for your love and support!


Still bleeding today, though it is mostly spotting.  This bleeding has followed my normal period amount perfectly.  Heavy the first day with cramps, then slows down very quickly, and from today until maybe Tuesday I will just spot with maybe a little bit of blood.  It makes me wonder what is really going on.

And I still feel like I did last week, so I am still peeing a lot, still thirsty, still hungry all the time, I’m cranky, my boobs are sore (but not as much as they were before I started bleeding), and I am tired all the time.

Tomorrow I am six weeks and I will test in the morning.  If the line is still dark, I’m going for an ultrasound.  If not, I have my answer.

Thank you all so much for listening to me ramble and for all your thoughts! It means everything to me.


I tested this morning and it came up completely negative. I think I lost the baby Thursday, but the tests needed time to come down.

Thank you all so much for everything, and I truly do appreciate it all.


35 Responses

  1. I am thinking of you and your little bean!

  2. Absolutely sending prayers and healing energy.

  3. Prayers for you…
    And hugs.

  4. You are in my thoughts love! I am glad you are resting and giving you and your little bean a chance. I had bleeding with Lucy for a long time and it scared the crap out of me, I even told my Dh that I was sure I was losing it. So you really never know! Just stay strong!

  5. Hugs and prayers.

  6. I thinking of you and sending Reiki. This cannot be happening, oh I am so sorry you have to deal with this right now.

    Thoughts and love.

  7. Sending you “sticky” thoughts and prayers.

  8. We are certainly praying for you! I hope everything works out. If anyone deserves it, it’s you. Sending lots of love and prayers your way. Hang in there.

  9. I’ve been thinking about you all morning. My thoughts are with you and your baby today, wishing for the best!!!!

  10. So Sorry Kayce- Hang in there. I know what you are going through, and it sucks. You’re in our prayers!

  11. Praying for you Kayce and sending big hugs as well as sticky vibes!

  12. hey mama. I am praying for you and little baby. Try to stay positive, I know it is difficult. I started bleeding, bright red, period like, with terribly painful cramps at 6 weeks then again at 16 weeks and I now have a healthy baby boy. I bled for most of my pregnancy, so I can be normal. Maybe bleeding will be your “normal”..? I never bled with my first so when it started with my second I was SO scared, but everything turned out ok. Just rest as much as you can and I hope you get some answers soon.

    What is your RH factor? If you are RH negative, that could cause bleeding…. just a thought..

    • Ya, I’m not RH negative, so at least that isn’t a worry. That was one of the things they told me when I called today. Thank you so much. Maybe this is just normal for me this time.

  13. When I was barely pregnant with Nolan I started bleeding. It was brownish and mucousy and I was *sure* it was over. It would have been my second loss. But at 6 weeks I went in and they found a heartbeat and a small hemorrhage. I also had awful cramping and shooting pain (the blood irritates the uterus). Its actually very common & if your tests are still coming out positive (and dark) that’s an excellent sign. ((Hugs))

  14. Here for you always. xoxo

  15. I had some bleeding when I was pregnant with Lucy, shortly after I got my first BFP, and lasted on and off till I was about 14 weeks. It was a dark, brownish-red and really thick. It wasn’t heavy like the first couple days of my normal periods, but more like in the middle of my period. Then it slowed after a couple days and then would return on and off like I said, up till I was 14 weeks. I remember being so confused as to what was going on and nobody had any answers for me! Anyways, I just wanted to give you a little detail in-case that sounds anything like what is going on with you. I’m happy to hear about the update, sending you SO MANY **sticky vibes** today. XOXO

  16. No personal experience with spotting or bleeding, but I had a friend who bled through her whole pregnancy – mom & baby were okay! I’m thinking of you.

  17. As a few people have mentioned, in some pregnancies, you bleed. Some women never even realize they’re pregnant until the baby’s on the way because they appeared to still have periods. You’re okay, you can do this, the line’s darker, and God is with you. 🙂 *hugs* – Jena, @abundancedoula

  18. My thoughts and reiki are with you. I have no experience and don’t really know what the right thing to say is. But I want you to know I am thinking about you all day again.

    Hugs and love.

  19. I so, so, SOOOOO hope that everything is okay! For you but also for me (this next part might sound selfish but it is 100% honest) because if I do get a positive test this month, it is going to make me SOOO SAD to tell you. So you stay pregnant and I’ll try to be pregnant and everything will be Awesome Sauce, mkay? There. That’s settled. 🙂

  20. I’ve been praying for you and hoping the best for you and your family.

    I still do not understand why they would not do an ultra sound. I’ve had 1 as early as 5 weeks before and had my labs taken and it only took an hour! So I’m sincerely confused on what’s going on with your hospital.

    But also, I’m RH negative and that wouldn’t cause the bleeding at all so I’m not sure who and why they told you that but it doesn’t have anything to do with it. I’ve dealt with that for my 2nd pregnancy now so yeah.

    We all know every pregnancy is different and hopefully this is just implantation bleeding! 🙂

    My thoughts and prayers are always with you mama! Stay strong and positive

  21. Sending positive thoughts your way!!!

  22. I am so sorry you’re having the bleeding… hoping and praying for you that it’s nothing. When I was bleeding early in a pregnancy, I did read many stories about how people went on to have happy healthy pregnancy. That is my wish for you!!
    Sending love,

  23. I can imagine how you feel now, just wanting to know either way.

    Hugs and love

  24. I’m still holding you in my thoughts and prayers.

  25. Sending all my love your way. I am so sorry about your loss. I will be thinking of you a lot today – dont hesitate to contact me if you need an ear.

  26. I’m so sorry.

  27. SO sorry Kayce. I am in the process of having a miscarriage AGAIN. This is my sixth, I am heart broken and sad. Thinking of you.

  28. i saw your update post link on twitter and wanted to check in on you. I am soo sooo sorry. Having been through some terrible losses myself, I can understand how terrible this is for you. I hope it helps you to know that what I have discovered and came to rely on in my heart is that the baby you end up with is always the perfect baby for you and can’t imagine life any other way once that baby is here. Sometimes it takes longer than we would like or isn’t in our perfect time schedule, but in the end things are wonderful. I know that doesn’t erase the pain and frustration of going through a loss, but it does give some hope for the future, hopefully.

  29. I am so, so sorry. My heart is hurting for you. 😦

  30. I’m so sorry for your loss. 😥

  31. I realize I am commenting a little late but I wanted to let you know I am praying for you.

  32. So so sorry, Kayce. I can’t even imagine. But I’m always here for you!! Lots of hugs.

  33. Heal well sweets. Your strength is awe worthy, keep your heart filled with light, and soon your uterus will be filled with life.


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