What If?

Most times when people think of the what ifs in labor it is always the negative.  Even myself, I always think negatively at what “could” happen but rarely does.

On twitter, I followed a series of tweets from @tophat8855 who is one of my best UC people on twitter.  I love her tweets anyway, but they always make me think.

Her series started with:

“Going to post a few what-ifs for labor :)”

I was very curious since she is a UC mom and was curious what her what ifs would be. And I was pleasantly surprised 🙂

  • What if the baby is in the most perfect position for its head and my pelvis?
  • What if my contractions are 100% effective?
  • What if I dilate evenly and within the best timeline for my baby and body?
  • What if the placenta comes out whole and healthy?
  • What if my body controls my postpartum bleeding?
  • What if this baby takes to breastfeeding like a fish to water?
  • What if the people around me are supportive and say exactly what I need to hear?
  • What if I find that I am stronger than I thought?

(You can view Tophat’s blog HERE, it is a wealth of information, and I just love it! I kind of stalk it all the time haha)

After I thought about it for a bit, I came up with a few or my own.  They aren’t as awesome as hers, but I like them.

  • What if my baby grows and births and feeds without a problem?
  • What if my scar doesn’t separate?
  • What if I don’t tear?
  • What if my baby doesn’t need resuscitation?
  • What if I work with my contractions?
  • What if my baby implants in a healthy part of my uterus?
  • What if I trust my body?
  • What if I have a painless labor?
  • What if I have an orgasm during labor?

It is an interesting thought process.  Do you have any what ifs for labor?  Let go of the fear and think of what happens in 98% of all birth.  Come up with anything?


13 Responses

  1. love this!

  2. What if I labor in peace instead of fear?
    What if I labor feeling support instead of resistance?

    Those are mine. Awesome post (as usual).

  3. Awesome! Will be following you ;-D

  4. I’m not gonna lie, the organism one freaked me out a little. While I think it would be SORTA cool, I’m not sure I wanna experience that… Feel good, yea, sure! Organismic… No thanks 😉

    I love these what ifs though! I actually feel like most of these are givens for me, I’d probably add:

    “What if everyone is cheering me on”
    “What if everyone helping me at the hospital truly cares about me and my wishes”
    “What if, I get great sleep after she’s born” 😉 … Ya never know!

    I like Rachelle’s “What if I labor feeling support instead of resistance?” I think that goes for everyone I know who knows I’m having a baby.

    • Is an orgasm embarrassing? Too sexualized?

      Just curious why an orgasm is taboo or why there is an aversion to it.

      • I’m not sure I can answer that question, I mean, I can only speak for myself and I don’t think it’s cause of “society… blah blah blah” or any weird sterotype thing you can peg on me, but I guess it’s just that I see childbirth tied with my child, and orgasim tied with my husband, privacy and a DIFFERENT kind of love, which makes it connect weird in my ming, if that makes sense. haha, I dunno. That’s just me! 🙂

      • No it makes sense. To me, childbirth is an extension of my sexual love with my dh. So they aren’t two separate events or loves. But makes sense, thanks 🙂

        And I wasn’t trying to peg you for anything. I was genuinly curious. I am not like you think I am.

  5. I would so love to be one of those women who have an orgasm during birth. 🙂 But really my first labor went really really well and I sort of assume if I were to get pregnant again it would be the same. I have had people tell me that they knew people who had a good first birth experience but subsequent birth was not as well – I have decided to not put any stock in those things. People told me all about how hard labor was the first time too. 🙂

    • I love your attitude!! I never understood why it is so important to put down a woman’s good birth experience by saying the next will be harder, or the next baby will be worse. Totally takes the beauty out of it.

      I think an orgasm during birth would be sooooo cool. Add that extra bond to you and baby. Instead of saying the labor was virtually painless or painless, you could tell them it was one of the best days of your life, literally 🙂

      • I know!! I mean people always want to tell pregnant women how hard it will be. Birth, having a baby, having a second baby, etc. I just do not get it. Not at all.

  6. What if I just give into my body and the rushes?
    What if I laugh and enjoy myself?
    What if I feel sexy, womanly, powerful?
    What if I make love, in some way?
    What if I feel in control?
    What if my labour is perfectly beautiful and baby enjoys it and comes Earth side perfectly?

  7. I love Heather. I stalk her too 😉

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