Pumps and Donations

***I am reposting this here even though it is on my other blog too.  I just really would love lots of comments and such so I can find the best pump.  And if you don’t know the history of this, I went into labor last Thursday and my son was born still that afternoon.  So, now I am pumping and going to donate my milk to a baby in need.  The greatest gift my son could give.  If you are interested in reading more, his story is on my other site (you can get there by clicking Our TTC Journey at the top of the page and following the link.  It is a few posts down, but it is there).***

The one struggle I have had with pumping is only having a single breast pump. I didn’t need much when I had Glade, and the single worked great for me. I used the hospital pump when she was in the NICU and that was perfect for our needs.

But, now that I am trying to build a stash (which will be awhile since I don’t have a lot of milk, I get about an ounce per session) it is hard to pump one breast and then pump the other. I miss the letdown on one breast, and I don’t know if it affects the amount I get, but it just takes so much longer to pump.

I then looked into getting a double pump, but they are more expensive than for the money I have right now, so I just need to save for a few weeks, which won’t be that hard, but I don’t know what pump is great for exclusive pumping for however long I can do this. My sister in law and great friend has the Medela Pump In Style and told me that it stops having great suction after about six months so it isn’t the best pump. I don’t know if I will pump that long, but I would love to have a pump that will last me through the years if possible.

I looked into signing with a milk bank so they could give me a double pump which would be great, but the bank closest to me has a 150 ounce minimum donation policy. I don’t mind donating that much over time, but if I can’t? If I lose my milk or it takes months to actually get to 150 ounces? I just don’t feel comfortable signing up with them if I don’t know what the future holds. And yes, I realize this is mainly crazy thoughts.

I was looking on a milkshare website where families post wants and they get together with a donater so they don’t have to pay the milk bank fee, but again, I don’t want to tell someone that I will pump milk for them when I can’t get very much. My goal is five ounces a day, which seems like so little, but with how early Tyrion was and since I didn’t have any stimulation before Sunday, it is actually quite a bit. I am proud of every drop I can get.

One thing I would love is if a company just gave me a pump for free haha. Hey, a girl can dream :).

But basically what I would love is pump recommendations. If you have pumped, even for a day, what worked for you? Any pump you loved more than anything? And also, did anything in particular help you pump more or have a better pumping experience? If I go with a milk bank I can’t have herbs or medicines so I can’t pump my milk supply up that way, but I know there are ways to just make pumping easier to get more milk without it.

Thank you so much for your suggestions in advance! I have never really thought that I would be pumping instead of nursing a baby, but I think this is helping me more than anything else.

And, just for kicks and giggles, I would love this pump. It looks so comfortable. I don’t know how great it is (if you know let me know!), but it just looks wonderful. Plus, the price tag on it is only about $130, which is tons cheaper than other ones I have found.

So thank you in advance and I love all of you!!


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  1. I’ve been using my Medela Pump in Style for about 15 months total and it’s been great. It sat unused for six years and only had to replace the batteries to rejuvenate it back to original power when Matteo was born.

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